Forced Bi Emasculation Goddess Natasha

As you know I thoroughly enjoy the eroticism and forced bi emasculation. As I always say what could be more emasculating than a cock in your mouth? It is difficult  to feel like a real man with a throbbing cock down your throat! That is the subject of My new audio recording that I released this morning!

~NEW~ Pig Night at the Gay Leather Bar 

forced bi emasculation

By now you have heard Me talk about Ramrods which is the local gay leather bar. There are so many different theme nights like best butt, battle of the bulge and more! But My absolute favorite is the first Saturday of the month which is pig night. It is the night where absolutely anything goes including hand jobs, cock sucking and fucking in the open for everyone to see! My plan for you would be first in the cell cage where I direct your cock sucking where you are throat fucked until your throat burns and until you are covered in cum. Then to the pool table where you are restrained for an all night long gang bang! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, cock sucking, gang bang, big cock, public forced bi, forced bi emasculation

Cum Guzzling Slut 

forced bi emasculation

I just KNOW that this is what you need to hear! Others may not realize what you are but I certainly do! The fantasies that you have of sucking cock and the desire to be used. Not only sucking cock but swallowing cum. This is what you not only desire but NEED! I am just the one to put you in your place as a cock sucking faggot servicing those superior cocks! Being face fucked, throat training and used as a cum dump for those superior cocks! Featuring humiliation, verbal humiliation, forced bi, emasculation, Femdom

BBC and Pussy Free 

forced bi emasculation

It all began so long ago! This fascination with BBC and the acknowledgement of your inferior small white penis. This has led to an obsession with BBC and the realization of your place as a beta butt boi. Acknowledging the superiority of big black cock and your place to surrender to it! The need to be permanently marked by being bred by BBC and branded by BBC. It is time for you to accept your destiny. It is time for you to accept your place. It is time for you to accept your place as a pussy free white butt boi and bottom bitch!  Featuring elements of BBC, verbal humiliation, name calling, degradation, SPH

Of course I am always thinking of new recordings and new ways for you to serve! Also I don’t want you to ever forget your place and what you are!

Sissy Faggot Humiliation 

I so love getting humiliating photos and video of you! Watching them and imagining what I could make you do! Such a sissy faggot! I look at every detail in your photos and videos! Look at your head bobbing over the dildo. Even more amusing is the look on your face when a cock is in your mouth! There is just one word for you! Faggot! Featuring humiliation, verbal humiliation, Femdom, sissy humiliation, forced bi emasculation

Making you gay ~ Faggot Bitch 

With a brief induction and countdown this is a journey of humiliation and transition into being a faggot. As I speak convincing you that you would be better off living a gay lifestyle. It seems the most natural thing in the world! After all, you are NOT a real man. The fact is you never were! The small penis that you have ensured your sexual inadequacy and you have never been able to please a Woman! But you CAN please a man! Cocksucking and being used for a man’s sexual pleasure. Being face fucked and cock slapped will be things that you not only desire but crave as you become a faggot! Becoming a faggot bitch ~ you ARE a faggot bitch! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, verbal humiliation, mind control, hypnosis, faggot humiliation, SPH, forced bi emasculation

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