Feminized Femme Smoker

femme smoker

By now you know how much I enjoy feminization especially if it entails a bit of manipulation. Even better if a bit of corrupting you such as making you a femme  smoker!

~NEW ~ Feminized Femme Smoker 

As I light My 120 cigarette I talk to you about My Black Orchid lipstick and how well it will show on the filter. This is what I want for you. Feminine smoking. First, a long white 120 cigarette because of how very
feminine they look. Then lipstick, lots of lipstick AND lip liner. Lipstick in reds, pinks and matching lip liners. What else is feminine? Look at Me and notice of course My breasts but also My long all natural red nails. This IS what I want for you! Feminine smoking with 120 cigarettes and many coats of lipstick! The 120 cigarettes, lipstick is just the beginning to your feminized femme smoking! Featuring smoking, femme smoker, smoking fetish, long red nails, lipstick, lipstick fetish, cleavage,120 cigarette, red lipstick, long white cigarette, feminization, femme smoking (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Today’s SPOTLIGHT File

Nympho Sissy 

I want you to eat, breathe and live for sex which is exactly the definition of a nympho. Becoming the sexual object for others to find their satisfaction. The more sex that you perform the more you crave it. But you just can’t get enough! The more sex you engage in, the more sex you want! The more cock that you service, the more you crave it. It’s never enough! Insatiable! Just like a good nympho sissy that I want you to be! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Feminization Brainwashing Therapy 

So you have come to Me for My help in stopping dressing in feminine clothes, shopping and all those feminine things you enjoy. In our therapy session, you tell Me that you feel it is taking over your life and is becoming more and more of an obsession and you want to stop this behavior! I assure you that I can help through behavior modification and intense mind manipulation. Eagerly you agree to begin the first therapy session immediately! Listen closely as your therapy session begins! Frankly you have no idea what you are in for! Did you really think I was going to cure you of all those feminine habits and dressing in Women’s clothing? After all, My motto is making you better by making you worse! After My therapy you are going to be FORCED into feminization! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Femme Bitch to be Bred 

It is just a fact that you were made to be a sissy bitch! Not only a sissy bitch but a sissy bitch that MUST be bred! Frankly you have always been quite feminine! Oh your face has never been handsome but rather quite pretty! Those long eye lashes and you have never had a manly body but rather a feminine figure. Of course as My sissy bitch I will be enhancing that pretty face and with female hormones you will have an even more feminine figure! That is only the beginning! I have such plans for you such as body waxing, piercings and a very feminine tattoo! In addition your small clitty will be locked in a tiny chastity cage, smooth body oiled up and ready to be bred like the sissy bitch that you are! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Forced Femme Hourglass Figure 

With My guidance and Dr Jennifers help you WILL be on your way to a feminine hourglass figure! This IS one of My goals for you! It always has been! Besides a computer generated pattern to follow Dr Jennifer and I can mold and change you as I desire! After all, hormone therapy and testosterone blockers can only do so much! Experimenting with breast sizes, how wide your hips should be and more! With her skill and My vision your transformation and molding into a feminine voluptuous hourglass figure WILL be irreversible and permanent! With the body design that She and I have developed for you there will be not turning back. No return to masculinity and no way to hide what you have become! Featuring Femdom, forced feminization, hormone therapy, emasculation, emotional emasculation, breast augmentation, transformation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)