Female Domination Feminization

My most popular video this week was a video featuring Myself in all white lingerie including stockings. This weeks most popular audio was a recording where I emphasize what makes a good sissy to Me and for Me!

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! Yesterday was a windy, cloudy day and today the sun is out but still windy. Although the beach was nice the waves are still big and there is still a dangerous rip current.

Today I will be available for calls on Niteflirt and chat throughout the day while I plan new things for the upcoming week!

Most Popular Video

Goddess in White Lingerie 

Female Domination Feminization

It is not very often that you see Me in white! This gorgeous white French lace garter belt, sheer white matching panties, white seamed stockings were a gift. Add the lace push up bra with 6 inch heels and it is a VERY sexy outfit! Some Nice close up shots for worship of My all natural 36C breasts. This is also how I dress My sissies! Only the finest lingerie for My gurls. After all you ARE a reflection on Me! Maybe I will have matching sets? As you gaze as My gorgeous breasts I also speak to you about how one day you may have breasts like Mine with female hormones and surgery! Featuring Femdom, femme, worship, stockings, female domination feminization

Most Popular Audio

What makes a Good Sissy 

Female Domination Feminization

What makes a good sissy? More importantly what makes a goody sissy for Me? This new recording gives you ten of the ways you can be a good sissy and please Me. By now you surely know some of them such as cock worship, anal training and humiliation! This is the start of being a good sissy for Me! Featuring female domination feminization, sissification, Femdom

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Sissy Training ~ Sissy Task 

Female Domination Feminization

I know you want to be a good girl and please Goddess. Good girls obey! I have taught you that and it is so important! Every task that I give you has a purpose AND each time you complete a task it pleases Me! This task is going to help you become a popular and sought after sissy cock sucker! On call and available! Featuring Femdom, good girl, sissy training, sissification , cock sucking

~NEW~ Irresistible Cleavage 

Look at Goddesses gorgeous breasts! I know the effect they have on you! Look into My piercing beautiful blue eyes, the pendant flashing in the light, nestled between My breasts. I know that you want to please Goddess. I want you to get weak, weaker and weaker with each wave of My hand. Entrancing you. Enticing you. Mesmerizing you. That is what My videos are designed to do, make you weaker, more helpless. Craving My control. Needing My control. Obedient and eager to please!

~NEW~ Castration Null and Void











I have talked to you so many times your castration. I know that it is something you cannot stop thinking about. This desire to be castrated ; to become a eunuch never goes away and never will! At times you try to push it aside thinking it is just a fetish but I know it is much more than that, isn’t it? I know you think about it each and every day! The hows,when and where all questions to be answered . With castration you are not a man and not a Woman. The fact is you will be null and void. That is what castration is to Me! After being castrated you will be null and void! DOWNLOAD MY CASTRATION QUESTIONNAIRE HERE

~NEW~ Pig Night at the Gay Leather Bar 

By now you have heard Me talk about Ramrods which is the local gay leather bar. There are so many different theme nights like best butt, battle of the bulge and more! But My absolute favorite is the first Saturday of the month which is pig night. It is the night where absolutely anything goes including handjobs, cock sucking and fucking in the open for everyone to see! My plan for you would be first in the cell cage where I direct your cocksucking where you are throat fucked until your throat burns and until you are covered in cum. Then to the pool table where you are restrained for an all night long gang bang! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, cocksucking, gang bang, big cock, public forced bi

~NEW~ Femme Training to be Pussy Free 

Female Domination Feminization

Now that you are dressed and prepared….feeling so much like a sissy, a girly boi, in your pink bra, pink panties and enjoying the feel of your stockings…and I know you are! Sitting in a chair, dressed and loving wearing your high heels it is time to look at porn! The ONLY type of porn you are allowed to masturbate to is beta boys servicing cock. Weak beta boys sucking alpha cock or powerful Dominant Women being serviced. THIS is the kind of porn you can orgasm to! Whenever a scene of a Woman having sex with a REAL man is on you will stop masturbating! Never again will you masturbate to regular sex. Never again are you allowed cum to regular sex again. No more masturbating to vanilla sex! From now on you are going to be a pussy free beta sissy! Now repeat after Me: “I am a sissy fagboy .I have always have been a sissy fagboy. I am a gurly beta boi and should stop trying to please a woman like a REAL MAN would. I deserve and want to be a sissyboy to alpha women and men. i will be a bottom boy to alpha cock.” Very good! Realize that your of trying to be a real man ARE OVER. Featuring Femdom, emasculation, feminization, humiliation, beta, sissy , bi, pussy free

~NEW~ Emasculating Impacts of your Feminization 

Female Domination Feminization

I know what you really want! What you really are! The fact is you want to BE like Goddess I am the height of femininity! Look at My beautiful nails, make up perfectly done, lipstick all the way to My gorgeous breasts! I know it is what you want; to be femme and your manhood erased! The fact is you want to be like Me so feminine wanting to be feminine and feminized! I know what you are and what you are NOT! Not a real man! No real men lust after My breasts, they don’t envy them! It’s all because you are a sissy and it feel so good to be feminine, doesn’t it? I so enjoy the emasculation! I so enjoy the feminization that leads to your emasculation and seeing the changes! It is so emotional! The more you are feminized the more you see your masculinity slipping away the more powerful it is . Yes at times it will be so emotional and psychologically impactful! It changes the way you look at everything! From the way you look at yourself, look at Women and more! Emasculation and feminization changes ALL of those things! Featuring femdom, feminization, femme envy, breasts, emasculation, female domination feminization

Did you know I have over 100 recordings on castration, becoming a eunuch and penectomy? Preview them all here!