Fetish Video Goddess Natasha

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far! Since I was unavailable most of last week I have been quite busy catching up as well as continuing personal online training!

Although My time was limited this past week, it was still quite busy with new fetish video and new audio files released!

Strapon whore for Goddess and Panty Peek were two recordings that appeared on the goodie marque this past week. Both of them are videos that feature two of My fetishes ~ strapon training and panties!

Today I am available for calls and chat throughout the day into the evening. Of course you can always keep up to date by My social media postings!




Appearing on Marque

Strapon Fetish Video Whore for Goddess 

Yes, you are My bitch! Today I am going to make you My strap on bitch, strap on whore! I will enjoy taking you. A good little strapon bitch lies on her back pulls her legs back and spreads for Goddesses cock! Know that I am going to fuck you on a regular basis! Now lie back, spread yourself for Goddess, open yourself for Goddess and submit to Goddesses cock!

Panty Peek Fetish Video

Like any Woman I enjoy getting presents! My pets know Me so well and for Christmas I received a gift bag filled with panties! Panties in an array of colors and styles and from one of My favorite lingerie stores Soma! Of course I had to try a pair on and you are treated to a thong panty peek both front and back!

Most Popular Video

Worship Goddess in Red 

I high light a number of My fetishes in this video. From red leather high heels, a cleavage enhancing push up bra, I am all dressed in red! Worship My legs, high heels and share My smoking fetish! I cross and uncross My legs and watch My elegant hands as I hold My cigarette.

Most Popular Audio

Good Girls DO! 

Yes, good gurls DO…you have heard that expression “Good girls don’t…But MY gurls DO.. all kinds of dirty things that I instruct them too! Cocksucking and more…after all gurls do get fucked don’t they?

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Thong Panties 

I love lingerie especially panties! I know all about YOUR panty fetish too! These new thong panties match My new bra perfectly! Soft, lace that is smooth and silky and feels so good! I slide off My black silk robe and you can see the entire outfit! Of course, I want to show off My new thong panties for you to worship! Featuring panties, thong, panty worship, cleavage, Femdom video, Goddess worship

~NEW~ Goddesses slave 

The word slave is really one of the most powerful words when used by Me. It conjures up all sorts of emotions and feelings when I say it. Surrender. Submission. Total power exchange. Servitude. Envisioning yourself kneeling in front of Me, offering yourself to Me. Forehead on the floor, palms up in a slave position. My words influencing your mind and emotions. Contemplating a life of servitude and surrender knowing that you have always desired this. . Being owned is so different from any other relationship. In being a slave, a true slave your free will is no longer yours. I know you want this too! The need to perform, serve and please grows stronger as your slavery deepens! Knowing that you are owned will bring a sense of happiness and contentment as well as pride. Pleasing Me in any and all ways. Yes, slave IS truly a powerful word and not one I will use until you have earned the title!

~NEW~ Fated for Feminization 

This has been a long time coming! From the very first time that you slipped into a pair of panties it changed you! The feelings and emotions grew and grew whenever you had them on! But it didn’t stop there did it? Once you discovered panties then it was on to nylons, slips and so much more! Now you can’t even imagine what it would be like NOT to have panties. Not to feel feminine and WANT to feel feminine! There is nothing else is seductive and so erotic! I know you may have tried to escape these feelings and desires but the truth is you were always fated for feminization!

~NEW~ Bare Legs High Heel Worship 

There are a number of things that I get complimented on daily. One is My stunning all natural breasts. Two is My beautiful piercing blue eyes. Another is My sexy legs especially in a pair of high heels. In this video with a short dress and a pair of stiletto heels you get views of My sexy legs in a pair of stiletto high heels. As I run My hand up and down My smooth silky leg I describe how erotic it is!

~NEW~ your Future as a Faggot 

It thrills Me to know how much your life is going to change as a faggot! It will no longer be about your sexual satisfaction or sexual enjoyment! When you become a faggot, you become a hole! An outlet for others to use as they want to gain their own sexual satisfaction! From now on your hands will be stroking cock and not yours! Lips wrapped around a cock and begging for more. The only time you will feel useful is when you are being used. I KNOW that you have heard the term pussy free! From now on that is you! A pussy free cock sucking faggot~ how emasculating and no less than you deserve. As your desire for cock grows, your emasculation and humiliation deepens! Featuring Femdom, humiliation, verbal humiliation, faggot, cocksucking