Ego Destruction Unfuckable

I hope that you had as wonderful a Christmas as I did! It is a cloudy cool day so I am catching up on email correspondence and concentrating on new content for this week. I am also starting to review what were My most popular recordings and files for 2023.

As the Queen of emasculation you know by now how much I enjoy ego destruction and humiliation porn. With so many ways to not only humiliate you but also achieving one of My goals of complete ego destruction! Accepting and ENJOYING rejection, making you a quick cummer, encouraging even more chronic masturbation and being excited by all of it are just some of the ways to your complete ego destruction!



Ego Destruction Making you Unfuckable 

I was reviewing the recordings that you download from Me. Pussy free recordings that I know you enjoy. The censored pussy free and the timed quick cummer files that I know you listen and watch over and over. These are particularly effective and amusing! Stuttering Idiot is a particularly manipulative file. Then all of the chronic masturbation files where I encourage you to stroke and edge more and more because I KNOW they are desensitizing you to sex. All of these recordings have a couple things in common. One they are all highly erotic and irresistible. I have designed them for emasculation, for control but WHAT am I REALLY doing to you? All of them are designed to destroy your male ego however they are all DESIGNED to make you unfuckable! I have created them to destroy any chance that you will have a quote unquote normal sex life Featuring Femdom, emasculation, humiliation, pussy free, chronic masturbation, sexual manipulation, male ego destruction, humiliation porn

Unfuckable Gooner

A video bordering on ignoring you and explaining what I have done to you. I explain and reiterate how I have over time turned you into an unfuckable gooner! Women like Me ignore gooners like you. Simply smoking and really it is all you need to see. Oh and My new deep color lipstick. Mac Cyber and I have already received so many compliments on it! Goddess smokes and you stroke it is the way it has always been! The way it will always be because it is what I want! I knew you were a gooner before the term was even known! Chronic masturbation, gooning helps make you unfuckable and what I have talked about many times! Exactly what I wanted! Unfuckable so that you can spend more time serving and pleasing Me! Over time I have turned you into a chronic masturbator, compulsively stroking and making you one of the unfuckables. Featuring Femdom humiliation emasculation laughter cleavage long red nails dark lipstick smoking long exhales 120 cigarettes

Unfuckable Panty Boy 

Not only are you unfuckable but you are an unfuckable panty boy! I KNOW that you are so addicted to wearing panties. That you have a panty stash as well as favorite types of panties and brands. So many panties and you have ordered so many from so many different places that pop ups come up on your phone and computer! So humiliating, so embarrassing if a Woman saw them! Oh, I know at times the panties you wear leave lines on your thighs and leave marks that are obviously NOT from male underwear! No, the marks ARE from panties! Even if you were fortunate enough to receive attention from a Woman and she is thinking about dating you there are too many panty secrets that she could find out! I know it and you know it. The fact is you are an unfuckable panty boy! More excited by panties and masturbating than actually being with a Woman! Featuring Femdom, panty humiliation, panty boy, emasculation, making you unfuckable, chronic masturbation