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My most popular video this a week was a Domme Lifestyle leather fetish video and this weeks most popular audio features discussing Sissy Exposure. Also this week My audio recording Forced Bi Cum Slut was on the marque.

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. My phone and chat lines will be on throughout the day and evening!

Appearing on Marque

Forced Bi Slut for Cock 

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The emasculation of forced bi is so erotic to Me! Igniting that secret desire that you have for cock and turning it into so much more! Cock slut. Cum slut. Fuck slut. Making you a complete slut for cock with your first gang bang is just ONE of My goals! Reinforcing and increasing your craving for cock! Featuring forced bi, humiliation, cock sucking, Femdom, forced cock sucking, gang bang

Most Popular Video

Femdom Leather 

Worship Goddess in Leather! This quality soft leather corset is absolutely beautiful! It showcases My gorgeous natural breasts so nicely and when I add a pair of opera length leather gloves the look is stunning! To complete this outfit for Worship I have added a pair of thigh high leather boots. Slipping into the gloves I show off how soft and erotic the leather feels. Then for the tight thigh high boots that lace up the back! Doesn’t it make you crave to be kneeling in front of Me? Leather is definitely one of My fetishes. Featuring Domme Lifestyle, leather, fetish

Most Popular Audio

Exposing your Sissy Addictions 

domme lifestyle

Slipping down and I want you to relax as I guide you to become the sissy cross dresser you are and as I guide you to increasing your desire to become exposed! It is all you think about, all you desire and these feminine feelings and need to be exposed are all consuming. Over and over again you will listen to this recording, reinforcing your need for stockings, panties and EXPOSURE! Every day you become more and more addicted to the panties, the stockings… the first thing you put on in the morning! The panties feel so good…the stockings on your smooth legs….your legs freshly shaven. Then there is the exposure! Imagine it! Photos of you are all over the internet! Now you don’t have any control of WHO sees them! Day by day you become more addicted to the attention, addicted to your photos being seen! Day by day the craving for everyone to see you in your panties, in your stockings grows and intensifies! THIS is what you want ~ you WANT everyone to see you especially people you know. All of these things are so exciting and so addictive! The more you do them, the more additive they are! Nothing else is this exciting! Nothing else is this arousing! EXPOSURE!

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Seduced by Satin 

domme lifestyle

It happened the very first time you felt a pair of panties. So soft! So silky! Touching them, holding them. Getting so aroused by the feel of them that you simply couldn’t resist putting them on. That is when it started. The first time you orgasmed to the satiny feel and it just grew from there! Collecting soft, satiny things that felt so good when you put them on! Silky satiny slips, nightgowns, robes there is just so much to choose from and you never can resist! It is not just the femininity of these items, it is the soft, silky satin feel that gets you so aroused! Oh I do not want you to resist! I want you in layers of satin! First panties, then a pair of tap pants, a long silky satiny slip and a robe! Whenever you see these soft satiny, feminine items I WANT you to put them on! No matter where..perhaps hanging on a hook? Back of a door? There is no resisting the sheen and softness of satin! Slip into it! Featuring feminization, panties, panty fetish, nightgowns, slips, encouraged feminization

~NEW~ Lifestyle Femdom slave Training 

domme lifestyle

Serving and pleasing should always be in the forefront of your mind to be a true slave. My goal with this recording is for you to feel My Dominance and My complete control. I want you to feel owned, controlled and to train you to be obedient. Following My instructions I want you to feel My dominance and enhance your submission. Preparing you for real servitude, real slavery. I want you to be prepared and trained should you ever be granted the privilege of serving! Following My commands and obeying all instructions! I enjoyed created this so much as I imagine your servitude and I hope that you will carry out these instructions more than once! Featuring Femdom, Domme Lifestyle, ownership, personal slavery, obedience training, mantras, Lifestyle protocol, slave training

~NEW~ Loaned Out Sissy Cuckold 

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I hand you the address where your weekend of serving will take place. The Woman I am sending you to is a cuckoldress whom I know from our private group. As you drive you are filled with anticipation and excitement! I have trained you, you have been tested with both your obedience and eagerness to be used! However I DO NOT tell you that a BBC Cuckolding party will be taking place! The first night you serve and service your new cuckoldress with Her bull. It is not until the next day that you are informed that you have many chores to get ready for the party! Changing sheets, cleaning and preparing yourself to be a sissy maid cuckold for all! Featuring Femdom, sissy maid, sissy cuckold, cuckolding, sexual service, bisexual, cocksucking, ass worship, sissygasm, domme lifestyle, forced sissygasm, double penetration, emasculation, BBC, oral sex

~NEW~ Femme for Shemale Cock 

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I am partial to red heads! I love picking out a sexy red wig for My sissys and EVERY good sissy, every obedient girl should be well trained in sucking cock! Being able to open wide and take every inch! My training will make sure of that! After all you never know when Mistress may command that you suck cock! Especially shemale cock. By now I am sure you have heard Me talk about Sheila and Andrea My beautiful sexy shemale girlfriends that have such magnificent cocks. She just loves using a sissys mouth! Follow My instructions while watching shemale porn and prepare yourself for shemale cock! Includes photos of exactly what you need for training!

~NEW~ Feminization Emotional Transitioning 

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Every part of your journey into feminization is powerful. However the most powerful and having the most impact is your emotional transition. It is so difficult to let go and feel those emotions as you see your masculinity slipping away. With every thought and lifestyle changes you realize just how much you are changing physically, mentally and emotionally. Although once in a while a male trait or behavior appears, you realize that is no longer you! As you grow to accept your femininity, your desire for others to accept you grows. It becomes a deep emotional need to feel accepted, loved and even cherished! Now with your transformation these feminine emotions grow and deepen and you have no control over!