Female Domination Blackmail

I KNOW about the excitement of the thought of blackmail and all that it entails. The manipulation of Female Domination blackmail is so erotic and powerful.

~NEW ~ Lured into Blackmail 

So you tell yourself it is a harmless fantasy. So thrilling and terrifying to push the envelope imagining what might happen. Exciting thinking of the control that you give up and just how you could be manipulated! Slowly but surely giving up more and more information. But with each tidbit of information you are giving up more and more control. The truth is you are giving ME more and more power and control! But what could happen? It is just a fantasy. Right? Keep telling yourself that until your world comes crashing down around you! When you find yourself doing things that you would NEVER do because otherwise your life could be completely destroyed! Featuring Femdom, manipulation, blackmail, Female Domination blackmail

Today’s SPOTLIGHT File

Blackmail Fantasy vs Reality 

I know that you have been fantasizing about blackmail. Talking about it, reading about it and imagining just what it would be like. The fact is there is a HUGE difference between fantasizing and the reality of releasing your personal information and the rush when you finally click that button and relinquish control. Your life will be so different. There will be a constant level of anxiety knowing that you have lost control. No longer are you in control. No longer are you the master of your fate. From then on your life is going to be VERY different! The thrill, the excitement and the constant pit in your stomach is something you have to live with. I am very clear telling you EXACTLY how the fantasy is different from the reality!

Blackmail your Road to Ruination 

It started off innocently enough…you found Me on Niteflirt and called. You have such a need for a Dominant and powerful Woman to control you! Each time you called you found yourself more and more intrigued. It was so exciting! This sexy Mistress was interested in you! I asked you leading questions and you were so eager to answer them. Too bad…you really had no idea how much information you were giving Me and even with small details you shared it was soooo easy to learn all about your life! Where you work. Where you live and even the details of your house! Welcome to your new life of living on the edge, a life filled with anxiety and apprehension where you jump every time the phone rings or there is a knock on the door!

Blackmail The Slippery Slope 

Blackmail really is a slippery slope into the most devastating consequences! Frankly it doesn’t take much effort at all as I listen to you and seemingly ask the most innocent of questions. Before you know it the dossier that I have on you is unquestionably dangerous filled with personal information. Often I don’t even have to demand answers to questions as you volunteer details that I pay VERY close attention to!

Poppers Blackmail Dangerous Combination 

Be sure to have your poppers in your hand! I know that you can’t stop thinking about being blackmailed. The fear, the loss of control is so erotic. Closer and closer you get to divulging every bit of your personal information. Inhale. Sniff. Hold it and think of losing complete control. Think of living each day in fear and uncertainty. Sniff. Inhale as I encourage your to abandon your inhibitions and take the final step! Featuring poppers, sniffing, blackmail, Female Domination blackmail

Poppers Blackmail Stroking 

There is so much I can do with just a small amount of information. So erotic. Every time I instruct you to sniff, you will inhale as long as you can, holding it as long as you can. Feel that rush! Ride that high! It’s so much better when I am controlling your high! Losing control and so addicted to poppers and Dominant Women. So addicted to stroking. Losing control and becoming a loser. I know you want to tell Me EVERYTHING! I know you want to give Me that power so that you live in constant fear!  Featuring Female Domination blackmail, BLACKMAIL, poppers, stroke instructions, verbal humiliation