Female Domination Humiliation

This past week was extremely busy and I received many custom audio requests including some very intriguing topics including Female Domination humiliation content.

My most popular video this week was one of My Lifestyle Femdom files and this weeks most popular audio recording was Crave My Control designed to reinforce submission and servitude. Also appearing on the marque was one of My humiliation files appropriately named Cock sucking Faggot.

Appearing on Marque

Cock Sucking Faggot 

It is time for you to admit it. you aren’t straight. you aren’t bisexual. you are a cock sucking faggot who craves big cock! The porn you watch? Oh it is all gay porn featuring those hot young studs with their huge dicks! Every fantasy, every jerk off session features big dicks and your mouth wrapped around them!

Most Popular Video

Lifestyle Femdom Nothing more than a slave 

You have expressed such a strong desire to be My slave. But let Me explain what that REALLY means. We will NOT be in a “relationship”. You will NOT be My “boyfriend” or maybe not even My lover and you will NEVER refer to Me as such! There will be times, many days and nights, when you don’t know where I am and what I am doing. That is the way it will be…you answer to Me and I never explain Myself to you. I have yet to find a male who can satisfy Me sexually. So yes, I will have lovers. Women and men. Oh, I know. It sounds erotic. Hot even. But the reality is MUCH different from the fantasy. So…..do you still want to be My slave??? Featuring femdom, female domination, slavery, cuck, cuckolding, chastity, TPE, domination humiliation

Most Popular Audio

Crave My Control 

Just listen to My voice. Methodically I have been conditioning you to relax and go into trance when you hear My voice. All it takes is a few words and you begin drifting down…relaxing more and more. Now your subconscious mind is taking over. Creating a thoughtless mind set as you go deeper and deeper. Soon you will be absorbing all that I say. Being implanted on your subconscious are thoughts of craving. Thoughts of needing My control. Over whelming to the point of obsession as this becomes all you think of…belonging to Me and craving My control!

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Castration for Chronic Masturbator






Have you listened to My recording Stroking yourself to Pussy Free? I am sure that it resonated with you! I always knew that you would wind up a chronic masturbator! The fact is you have never been able to please Women, never felt like a real man and with that small penis you knew you would be a disappointment! Long ago you resigned yourself to being a chronic masturbator. Coming to Me for help and admitting that you watch porn, edge over and over masturbating many times a day. Are you really ready to hear the truth? There is only one SURE way to stop your chronic masturbation, only one SURE way to crush that libido. CASTRATION! Featuring Femdom, castration, emasculation, castrated chronic masturbation, domination humiliation, chronic masturbator (DOWNLOAD IT HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~NEW~ Forced Femme Embrace Sissy Life 

It is time to embrace the sissy life! Oh you know what I am talking about! The thought of panties seep into your dreams waking up so aroused! Not only panties but more and more feminization, more sissification! There is no escaping the plans I have for you! The panties, the shaving that leads to waxing and of course eventually becoming a cock sucker! That is in your future! I have told you that intelligent Dominant Women like Me can identify a panty boy, recognize sissys like you! It makes it so easy to make you do what I want, make you crave what I want and yes even to force you into what I want! Featuring Femdom, domination humiliation, sissification, feminization, forced feminization, panties

~NEW~ Sissification Sissy Exposure 

By now you know that I want you permanently exposed. Doing everything in My power to make sure you ARE exposed AND permanently feminized. Irreversibly feminized with no going back! Why would you want to go back? It is so exciting to be a sissy and you get so much attention! It is emasculating and yes heart pounding but that is part of the thrill! That thrill of exposure is so terrifying but it is highly erotic and becomes addicting! Seeing your photos, enjoying the attention and becoming so addicted to it all! Addicted to the stockings, panties and exposure and yes to My control. It is going to get more and more intense! Becoming so conditioned and spiraling deeper and deeper knowing the plans I have for you! Featuring Femdom, domination humiliation, feminization, sissification, panty reinforcement, exposure, sissy exposure

~NEW~ Hot for She Cock 

I know you watch so much shemale porn! It IS so erotic! Those gorgeous shemales with their gorgeous cocks! I am sure you have your favorite shemale porn actresses. I know how hot you are for shemale cock and lust after their cocks! Imagining that YOU are the one sucking and getting fucked. Wanting to be the one with your lips wrapped around that cock tasting the precum as it gets harder and harder. Wanting to be the one bent over, taken and used. Stroking and edging as you watch and want! Shemale cock IS irresistible! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, shemale

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