Breeding Balls Deep

It has been some time since I created a recording on breeding which I find so erotic and emasculating!

~ NEW ~ Balls Deep Breeding

There is only ONE way your breeding is going to be done and that is balls deep! Every cock that you take and I do mean every cock is going to be buried deep inside you. Bred like the bitch that you are and treated the way you should be treated. Taken over and over impaled deeply with every thrust! A hole to be used is all you are to this line of men waiting their turn. First restrained to the breeding bench until your knees finally give out you feel a sense of relief thinking finally it is over. However leading you into the next room you see the sex swing set up. Legs up in the air spread and even more open to being impaled than on the breeding bench. With your head over the edge of the swing it makes it even easier for being deep throated and face fucked! Featuring Femdom, breeding, bred, bitch breeding, bareback, gaping, monster cock



How erotic and powerful to have you bred! I would so enjoy having you bred and the emasculation that it would entail! These files are so erotic and emasculating! There are so many scenarios that could take place! (Contains 10 Audio Files totaling over 50 minutes) BBC Breeding, The slave Farm Breeding Program, Breeding Party, Dirty Bitch to be Bred, Femme Bitch to be Bred, The Insemination Station, My Bitch to be bred, Sissy Impregnation, The Breeding Stall, My Pregnant “wife”

Sissy Bareback Breeding

Every sissy dreams of being bred! It is another step in being emasculated and being put in your place. Obviously breeding must be bareback! A receptacle for loads of cum until you are properly bred. The most virile are those big black cocks and I am going to make sure there are plenty of them available for your breeding session!

Breeding Hole for BBC 

Big black cock is all you can think about! Those with that superior BBC look at you as a breeding hole! That is all you are! A sexual outlet, a sexual object for BBC to get there sexual satisfaction from! Breeding you and making you their bitch! Used and filled with cum KNOWING that it is your place! Bent over and saying yes sir, please sir! Not only wanting BBC but craving it, begging for it Featuring Femdom, forced bi, BBC, breeding, bareback, emasculation


Spread and Bred

I know that you can’t stop thinking about it! Being bred and all that it implies. Yes, there will be cock after cock. All bareback. After all that is the ONLY way to be bred. The humiliation and emasculation of being told to spread and if it isn’t enough forcibly being spread, pushed further apart as you beg to be taken. Beg to be taken and bred. Spread and bred. Exactly what you crave. Exactly what you need!