slave for a day

My program slave for a day is not offered lightly or often! It takes a special kind of submissive to be granted such a privilege.

After finally feeling better, Friday began with one of My slaves picking Me up for breakfast…it was a wonderful day of servitude! Massages, foot rubs, flogging, the cat applied throughout the day and into the evening!
he prepared dinner (delicious fresh salmon on the outdoor grill, rice and steamed green beans!) and basically spent his day in servitude and submission!

If you would like to found out how you can APPLY to serve as My “slave for a day”, contact Me and I will direct you!

The other option for being interviewed for slave for a day is to call Me on NiteFlirt where I will conduct an in depth interview.

If you have never had a Niteflirt account you may sign up at the following link  for 3 FREE minutes and a FREE slave training letter from Me! In order to receive this you MUST be new to Niteflirt and you MUST enter the site through HERE

Below is a picture of Me dressed in leather and latex for Friday!

slave for a day

Well, that is a little about Friday….Saturday’s adventure is a whole different story with a different slave!

Goddess Natasha