Sissy Manifesto Goddess Natasha

I am excited not only that I am finally having time to write My Sissy Manifesto but the response to it has been fantastic! Over the years I have trained and guided many sissy’s to serve Me. In fact to not only serve Me but to be able to serve and please other Dommes.

My latest refers to Sissy Behavior and how sissy should be pleasing in all ways! Not only pleasing but providing pleasure! Enjoy!

~NEW~ Sissy Manifesto Sissy Behavior

There are many aspects to a sissy’s behavior. One of the aspects is providing pleasure and of course obedience. Sissy’s behavior should reflect this need to please in all ways. By sissy’s appearance and grooming being perfectly made up and dressed. Behaving in a subservient manner and appealing to males appetites. A sissy always speaks in soft sweet tones and is never the source of any unpleasantness. Sissy behavior so submissive and her appearance with always the intent to arouse! (LISTEN NOW)

If you have an idea or suggestion I would love to hear from you! If you have a need to discuss your own sissy behavior, you NEED to call Me.


Goddess Natasha’s Sissy Manifesto

Sissy Manifesto Introduction 

sissy manifesto

One of the things I have always wanted to do is compile a Sissy Manifesto. I have decided that now is the time! This is just the beginning to what being a sissy really is! Not just physically but emotionally and psychologically. (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Sissy Manifesto Chastity 

sissy manifesto

One of the most important components of a sissy’s life is chastity. When I put a sissy in chastity it enhances her sexuality as well as focusing her on other’s sexual desires. This enforced chastity also helps a sissy learn her place and reinforces the concept serving others sexually. It is not about her sexual needs but about being pleasing to others. Being locked in chastity puts a sissy under My control and is another sign of ownership and her submission. (LISTEN NOW)