The New World Order ~ slave Farms

New World Order. The slave Farm. I am sure you have heard about it and seen My many writings on exactly as it will be set up and how it will function! It is all part of The New World Order that is coming! I believe that this will not just be a fantasy but a REALITY in the future!

Listen to The slave Farm and The New World Order 

new world order

The New World order is emerging. Slowly but surely as the Women of the world use their power to enslave and control males. I envision slave farms throughout the world as males are gathered to take their place as property, as chattel. Being collared and marked are just the first steps!


Goddess Natasha

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Listen Now to Castration on The slave Farm 

I am sure you have become familiar with My slave farm. It is run by Dominant Female Supremacists such as Myself and the males have become property signing over all rights. Complete surrender is a requirement and castration is discussed when you join the slave farm. The day is now here for your castration and you are brought before Me by two of My junior associates.I am considered an expert in this procedure and often you have seen other Mistresses bringing their slaves to the Farm for castration. Immobilized but conscious it is now YOUR castration day!

CLICK HERE Chastity on The slave Farm 

I take you down into a relaxing state as I have you visualize the slave farm. There is excitement and a lot of activity on the slave farm but of course, you are not privy to what is happening. Then everyone is summoned to the barn. It’s dim and dark and you can almost smell the mustiness of the hay. I command you to kneel and ask when is the last time you orgasmed? Not since you have been on the Farm of course! I inform you that today is the day you will be locked in chastity and your cock and balls will now be under MY control! I give you directions for jerking off and you will cum in this glass. As you hold your own cum in your mouth, the chastity device locked on!

Watch No Escape from The New World Order 

This video explains more about the New World Order. I have talked before about The New World Order. A world of Female Dominance and Women in control. Where males are relegated to a position determined by Superior Women. What is your role going to be? Are you one of the males who must first be broken? Trust Me that Women like Me are willing and more than able to break you! There is no escape from The New World Order!