Mind Control Goddess Natasha

I am looking forward to being back to taking calls, available for chat and in general catching up on correspondence and custom recordings!

As you probably know I usually go out for Sunday brunch. However I am avoiding eating out and crowds especially since I am finally feeling well!

My most popular video this week is one of My many fetish recordings featuring tight jeans and thigh high boots. This weeks most popular audio was Mind Control Goddess Natasha Instant slave and another Femdom hypnosis audio Uninhibited Submission appeared on the marquee.

If you missed any of My recent Spot Light files you can VIEW THEM HERE.

Appearing on the Marque

Mindless Uninhibited Submission 

This mind control recording is something you need! I know it is difficult letting go and surrendering. Placing you in a deep trance I begin erasing your mind pulling those thoughts out! Reaching deep inside your subconscious and ridding you of your male ego, inhibitions and fears! Taking you down deeper and deeper as I delve into your mind! Making you mindless, making you obedient and making you Mine! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, Mind Control Goddess Natasha

Most Popular Video

Worship My Thigh High Boots Tight Jeans 

Wearing leather makes Me hot and wearing thigh high leather boots even hotter! In this clip I am dressed in My tight jeans and even tighter leather boots, I can see how hard your cock is! you want to be kneeling in front of Me, worshiping My boots, don’t you? Licking them, cleaning them, fucking them…thrusting your hard cock against them! I know what you crave!

Most Popular Audio

Mind Control Instant slave 

By now you know how much I enjoy manipulating your mind! Controlling your thoughts desires and actions are so erotic to Me! An instant. That is what it will take to make you My slave! I have decided that with a trigger word I will have even more control over you. Putting you in a deep state of hypnosis and then taking you deeper and deeper, I insert a trigger. With this trigger, you will instantly become submissive, subservient and focused! After this recording it will be so easy to trigger you to become an instant slave no matter where you are or what you are doing! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, Mind Control Goddess Natasha

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Who’s a faggot now? 

I can tell you EXACTLY what is going to happen to you! It began as a masturbatory fantasy as you watched porn. Instead of watching the Women gradually you found yourself watching all those cocks. Envying the Women enjoying cock. Then imagining yourself being the one on your knees servicing cock. Being face fucked, being used as you suck and lick. Then graduating to gay porn and transsexual videos as you begin to crave the taste imagining how a cock would feel in your mouth. Feeling a cock hardening in your mouth ..eventually you will NOT be able to resist cock! So who’s a faggot now? YOU! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, humiliation, cock sucking, making you gay

~NEW~ Sissy Ass for Cash 

This is another step in your sissification and sissy training! It has been so satisfying dressing you in sexy lingerie, short shorts and club dresses! Teaching you how to do the sissy strut in your stiletto high heels and painting your lips with cock sucker red lipstick was just the beginning! Reinforcing those slutty feelings of yours and the need to be used! Being sissified and looking like a sissy slut, acting like a slut and craving cock. Now that I have you craving cock and craving the feeling of being used pimping you out is the next natural step! Trust Me that this is going to be another addiction for you! Unable to resist the feeling of cum, being fucked and used as a cum dump! Feeling all those cocks twitch deep inside you as they shoot their load! As a sissy whore your satisfication doesn’t matter, it is all about serving cock and providing a sexual outlet! The added benefit is I will be making money off your sissy ass! Sissy Ass for cash! Featuring Femdom, sissy training, sissification, pimping you out, forced bi, humiliation, emasculation

~NEW~ Feminized to be Fucked 

When you are feminized and transformed by Me there are always certain goals in mind. My transformation for you is complete just as your wardrobe is! Prepared for any and all aspects of a feminine life! Perhaps you will be running errands and I will be dressing you in a blouse, skirt, pantyhose and pumps. Or I am sending you to the gym for a spin class or work out so you are dressed in yoga pants and proper attire. However when I am preparing you to get fucked it will be very different! Featuring feminization, transformation, bi, femme, femme training, sexy feminization, seducing men, Femdom

~NEW~ Pledge to be Pussy Free! 

It is time in fact past time for you to pledge to be pussy free! Time to stop trying. Time to stop disappointing Women over and over again. I KNOW that you are a chronic masturbator and are so addicted to stroking! Edging for hours on end! Frankly that is what your sex life consists of now and for the future! No more dating, nor more wasting Women’s time. Just a continued existence of isolated hours of masturbating and watching porn! So hold up your right hand and pledge to be pussy free! Featuring Femdom, emasculation, pussy free, sexual inferiority, chronic masturbating, emasculation