Lifestyle Domina Goddess Natasha

As a Lifestyle Domina I enjoy many aspects of the lifestyle which is reflected in everything I do! My most popular video this week was a Femdom leather video featuring leather corset, boots and gloves. This weeks most popular audio was a tie between Femdom Emasculation and Brutal BBC Takedown. My recording Yes, Sir has been on the most popular marque and continues to be highly downloaded!

Appearing on Marque

Yes, Sir! Serving Master

Over the years I have trained many males to not only serve Myself but also to serve a Master! In fact I have trained a number of slaves at a Masters request! It is not only exciting to Me but is also an effective form of emasculation when I command you to do so! There are a number of situations that can lead to you serving a Master. It may be simply because I desire it as a form of obedience training or that it will amuse Me! Or a Master doesn’t have his own personal slave at the moment or he simply is seeking sexual satisfaction! Or even more exciting to Me is that I am whoring you out to a Master ! No matter what the reason when I send you to serve a Master you WILL obey him just as you obey Me! There is only one thing you need to remember when serving master! Any command, any instructions you simply answer Yes Sir! On your knees …Yes Sir! Open your mouth..Yes, Sir! Bend over and Spread yourself open…Yes Sir! Anything he asks, anything he commands means instant obedience! Even serving as a “party favor” and servicing Masters friends! Featuring Femdom, serving a Master, Lifestyle Domina, emasculation, forced bi

Most Popular Video

Femdom Leather

Worship Goddess in Leather! This quality soft leather corset is absolutely beautiful! It showcases My gorgeous natural breasts so nicely and when I add a pair of opera length leather gloves the look is stunning! To complete this outfit for Worship I have added a pair of thigh high leather boots. Slipping into the gloves I show off how soft and erotic the leather feels. Then for the tight thigh high boots that lace up the back! Doesn’t it make you crave to be kneeling in front of Me? Leather is definitely one of My fetishes. Featuring leather, Lifestyle Domina,boots, gloves, corset

Most Popular Audio

Brutal BBC Takedown

Have you ever experienced a take down? The take down that I have planned for you is going to be humiliating, emasculating as you end up as a fuck toy for BBC. This is going to happen swiftly and will take you completely by surprise! It is not enough for Me that you will be over powered physically but verbally you will be humiliated as I explain exactly what is going to happen to you…as those with the superior big black cock call you their bitch and use you for their sexual satisfaction. I won’t be satisfied and this won’t end until I look in your eyes and see that you are completely broken!

Femdom Complete Emasculation

I believe that total and complete emasculation must take place to break a male. Absolute destruction of the male psyche and male ego will lead to submission. This emasculation can take many forms executed in a variety of ways. That is what the challenge is for Me. Finding out exactly what it will take to emasculate you and ultimately break you! Featuring elements of strap-on, strap-on worship, Femdom, Lifestyle Domina, chastity, orgasm control, orgasm denial

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~Enforced Forced Feminization

By now you know that I WILL keep pushing you further and further into feminization. Forcing you when you show the slightest hesitation! While guiding and directing you, I am also manipulating your emotions and thought processes. It is so much more than just applying some lipstick and putting on a dress! Manipulating not only your physical appearance but your emotions, mentality and sexuality! Removing any resistance, eliminating any fears as you progress deeper and deeper into feminization. Deepening your dependence on Me and making you want what I want! After all, the secret to domination is making you want what I want! What I WANT is your complete and permanent feminization! Featuring Femdom, feminization, forced feminization, emasculation, HRT, gender manipulation, good girl, permanent feminization, emotional emasculation

~ NEW ~So you want to be controlled…want to be owned

I know that the satisfaction that comes from control and ownership! It IS all about control for Me! I not only want control but NEED the control that comes with ownership. Knowing that I have COMPLETE and TOTAL control is what excites and satisfies Me! Explaining the four S’s to control and ownership!

~NEW~ Pussy Free Programming

Just listen to My voice…listen to My words…as I tell you the brutal truth…Need to be pussy free to make the world better place….for Women! Pussy is for REAL men not for betas like you! Slowly but surely you have begun to realize pussy is unattainable for you. Dating has been a disaster and trying to have sex a catastrophe! The fact is you don’t deserve pussy. You have proved over and over to be a disappointment and wasted Women’s time. So now it is time for the truth…you are going to stop trying to have sex or even have sex with women…you are going to spend even more time stroking. You are going to spend more and more time edging and watching porn. I want to you spend more and more time desensitizing your cock…that is really what you are doing! These are the consequences for all the masturbation you engaged in! Frankly you contributed to your own pussy free existence! Featuring Femdom, pussy free, humiliation, sexual inferiority, reprogramming, pledge to be pussy free, pussy free existence, mind manipulation, chronic masturbator, chronic masturbation encouragement, emasculation