Gay Conditioning Making you Gay

I hope your week is going well! It is nice and VERY different to be one of the coolest spots in the country. My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today AND since it is Wednesday I will be online posting exposure info and photos!

As always I am continuing to create new audio and video files as well as filling custom requests. My latest audio file features gay conditioning.

~ NEW ~ Making you Gay Gayer than Gay! 

Gayer than gay! It has happened…as time passes you are becoming more and more gay!  Looking more gay, acting more gay, making SURE that you are recognizable as being gay! Becoming gayer than gay! Making sure by your appearance, by your behavior, by your walk and yes even your talk that you ARE recognizable AS a submissive feminine bottom! Grooming yourself for a gay lifestyle as an effeminate submissive bottom! A smooth body with painted nails and your face so pretty as you service cock after cock! Spiraling further and further into a gay life and life style! Featuring making you gay, gay conditioning, gay lifestyle, gay porn star, spit roast, rent boy, gay slut

Today’s SPOTLIGHT File

Making you Gay Tasks 

Three tasks designed to Make you Gay! Follow My instructions and you WILL find you on your way to being GAY!  It is so powerful and exciting for Me to  manipulate your sexuality.  These are NOT the ” you are going to watch gay porn” tasks. These are much more creative and will integrate you into a gay lifestyle! Knowing that with each step and each task I am changing your life and your sexual identity ~ making you gay!

Live Gay It’s the ONLY way 

It becomes more apparent each day and every time you masturbate that you are NOT straight! Oh you try telling yourself that you are just curious; that this is just a phase. But that is NOT the truth! It isn’t Women that you lust after! It isn’t Women that fill your masturbatory fantasies! No, time and time again you lust after men! Time and time again you crave cock! It’s men that you want; its cock that you want! I KNOW that you will get so much more attention from men! Far more than you have ever gotten from Women! Women sense it, Women know it and men do to! It’s time to stop deluding yourself and live gay! Featuring Femdom, making you gay, pussy free, bottom, humiliation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Of Course you are Gay! 

Time and again you ask yourself the question. Am I gay? Well you lust after men and think about cock constantly. Fantasizing about sucking cock and being used. Fantasizing about swallowing load after load. Wanting to be face fucked and throat trained. Searching for gay porn and watching video after video of cock sucking and being fucked. Imagining yourself in their position! It is time to stop questioning it and yourself! On your knees, on your back Stop trying to excuse it by saying you are bi or bi curious! You ARE gay! Featuring elements of Femdom, making you gay, cock sucking, gay porn, cock desires (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Cock Hungry Faggot 

I know that you are not bi, not bi curious! At least not anymore! NOW you are a full fledged faggot who only thinks about cock! This is NOT a phase, NOT a fetish! I know what your true calling is! I know that your true calling is to be a cock sucking, cum swallowing faggot. Nothing makes Me happier than knowing you are accepting that you ARE a faggot and knowing that you are at gay bath houses, adult book stores and gloryholes being used! Featuring Femdom, faggot reinforcement, gay conditioning, cock craving, faggotry, faggot lifestyle (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)