Fourth of July Weekend

I hope that you are having an enjoyable and safe fourth of July weekend!

This past week was busy but with some time off and real time scenes with submissives! Wednesday night I saw Steve Winwood and Steely Dan in concert. It was a fantastic show!

Friday evening I granted permission for a slave to serve real time with an intense hours long session. Quite amusing and VERY satisfying! Today I will be administering a corporal session to a submissive who is in dire need of refocusing.

In the meantime there was a lot happening on Niteflirt! Over the course of the Fourth of July week, four of My recordings have been in the Top sellers and been especially popular! These four were Shocking: Mind Control, My Pregnant Wife, The Insemination Station and most recently Shocking: Chastity. I have received a LOT of feedback on The Insemination Station which I find very exciting!



The Insemination Station 

fourth of july

What a surprise you are in for! The ad that you answered in the newspaper sounded exactly like one of those ads for a medical research study. Well, you had an idea that it had to do with sexuality since there were quite a number of questions regarding your sexuality and sexual activities. Welcome to the insemination station! Naked, helpless and restrained you will be filled. Filled with cum over and over again. Positioned for maximum penetration with your head locked firmly in place! I pull on a pair of black latex gloves to make sure you are properly lubed. I will also be manipulating your cock to make sure you are properly aroused!

Prime Directive I 

Dressed in a white blouse and leather corset My Femininity and Superiority is enhanced. Strictly and severely I begin with the first Prime Directive of The New World Order. This first Prime Directive clearly states Female Superiority is the rule of the land. Women rule and males obey and submit. Punishment is swift and severe for those males who disobey, disrespect or offend a Woman in any way!


Chastity for all males! 

Dressed in a cleavage enhancing short dress that shows off My breasts beautifully I discuss the reasons for chastity. Not only you but ALL males should be put in chastity devices! The key kept by the Dominant Woman in their life, GF, wife or significant other! After all, you cannot control yourself can you? I want the power and the control. No stroking. No masturbation. No erections without My explicit permission that is what is in store for you with the chastity device of My choosing. This way I can truly believe that you are NOT having unauthorized erections, orgasms or stroking!

~ SHOCKING~ Chastity

Another in My Shocking series! These are recordings that I WANT you to have! That you NEED to have to intensify your feelings of submission and for Me to fill My need for control! This contains close to an hour of Myself speaking about My need for control through chastity, orgasm control and denial!

Fourth of July Special

A Different Kind of Chastity

Dressed in a tight leather dress and thigh high leather boots, in this video I explain how MY kind of chastity works. There are devices and promises to remain chaste for Mistress but the chastity I am talking about is even more controlling. The fact that soon you will not be able to cum without Me! Seeing Me, hearing My voice and after serving Me in person you won’t be able to cum without My touch! The control I have and will have over you…a different kind of chastity

Chastity: Surrendering Control

Dressed in a soft leather top that shows off My beautiful breasts, I speak to you about surrendering control of your sexual activities! After all, you know that I believe all men should be kept in chastity with a Woman holding the key. The psychological aspects of chastity cannot be obtained unless you have no access to the keys!

The Key to your Chastity

Yes, you already know as My slave you will be locked in a chastity device. The symbol of My control is worn around My ankle….at your eye level! What a source of frustration for you! My beautiful ankle with a delicate gold anklet holding the key. Every time you see it, you are reminded of My control and power over you. How I have taken control of your sexuality and refocused that energy.

The Ultimate Chastity

There are many chastity devices available and some have come and gone throughout the years. The recent ones are just not good enough for controlling you! But this one…the one I call the ultimate chastity device is quite different! Trust Me you will NOT be able to touch your cock at all. In fact, you will not even be allowed to have an erection! Locked on, chains will encircle you and be put placed between your legs. If I am feeling particularly cruel I may sodder it on!

Controlling your Cock & Balls

In this video, I describe and show you the various cock and ball restraints that I will be using on you. Gates of hell, leather Gates of hell and an extreme ball stretcher are all shown and of course have the capability to have a leash attached! After all, Mistress uses a slave’s cock and balls to play with amuse Herself and more importantly to control him!

The Importance of Chastity

In this POV video, I make it very clear just how important it is to keep males in chastity. Especially for you because you know that as My slave it is required! Being locked in chastity will deepen your submission to Me and serve as a constant reminder of My ownership and your servitude to Me. You will become more obedient, docile even. Psychologically, you may even think if you perform and serve Me well I will release you. Well, you are welcome to think that but it’s certainly not the case.

Permanent Chastity A lifetime of frustration

Not only is this  what you have been craving but also needing. A strong Dominant Woman controlling your cock, controlling your orgasms. In this latest Mind Control recording, I bring you into trance and begin to plant ideas in your subconscious. You crave this permanent chastity. You want this chaste life. Furthermore you NEED this permanent life of chastity. As a matter of fact, if you THINK about removing the chastity device there will be consequences! Deep in your subconscious I have implanted what will happen to you physically and mentally if you contemplate removing it! Oh, you will be aroused and excited but unable to release! Welcome to a lifetime of frustration!