Female Superiority Female Supremacy

This was sent to Me by a male who is a firm believer and proponent of Female Superiority Female Supremacy.

I just want to say congratulations on your video content this year – particularly your videos on living the Female Superiority Female Supremacy lifestyle in 2015-16, how Womyn everywhere, from winning the Nobel Prizes in Mathematics to emergence of far-thinking Political figures such as Elizabeth Warren. As you pointed out these Womyn have shown that the suppression of Womyn in the patriarchal system is nothing more than men’s attempt at crushing, though brute force, the blossoming of inherent female creativity, growth and thought which is necessary to move our civilization forward.

Men, through nothing more than their egos and brutish nature, have supressed Womyn for far to long. But in the modern age  brute force, conflict, competitiveness, territoriality and chest thumping are being out-matched by intellectualism, group thinking, social cohesion, cooperation, empathy and communication we ar seeing a shift where female supremacy and entitlement will be the norm and men will be more and more marginalised and will have to kowtow and get in line with the female-led agenda or be locked in the zoo with the rest of beasts. Men will have to dance to the tune of the Superior Womyn, and will use his brute force for her benefit under her instructions.

female superiority female supremacy

I could imagine a world run by powerful, purposeful Ladies. Whether  in the workplace in plush offices or in the political arena in government buildings. Here these powerful Womyn would be directing their brutish male underlings with power, purpose but also empathy. Men like me, who naturally submit to my Female Superiors, will naturally excel and be rewarded, encouraging other males to use their “man-power” for the greater good, under Female Rule. We males will then all march to the beat of the Female’s drum in harmony, rather than marching to our beating chests in tyranny.

A more productive, well planned and peaceful world awaits under the inherent wisdom of the Superior Sex and I thank you, Goddess Natasha, for helping to show all men the way in what seems to be a misguided, patriarchal world

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