Cuckoldress Goddess Natasha

I hope that your week is going great! As you know I believe that Woman have the right to take their sexual pleasure where ever they desire. As a member of the Goddess Manor and a cuckoldress I have promoted this idea for many years and anyone who serves Me knows they will be subjected to this Lifestyle.

With the holidays coming up the local cuckold group that I belong to is planning their holiday get together. So this is the perfect time for a new cuckold recording. My latest recording features interracial cuckolding, cock comparison and the emasculation of serving as a cuck. It is quite true to life and close to an experience of being My cuck and.

~NEW~ Cuckolding ~ Cuckold Emasculation 

I have demanded that you come over because as My cuck I want you to witness My sexual pleasure with My bull who I have invited over. Speaking directly to you I tell you how you are to behave, showing proper respect and calling My lover Sir. Oh, it only adds to My pleasure to have you there to humiliate and emasculate as you watch how a REAL man fucks. I lead you to the bedroom where My bull waits and I humiliate you by doing a cock comparison and explaining exactly why HE is going to have sex with Me and you never will. While you are on the sidelines watching and agonizing, you are forced to say out loud what a good fuck he is. (LISTEN NOW!)

Today I am taking calls and engaging in personal training although I do take a break from 12 noon to 1PM for lunch. Other than that I am available for the day into the evening!


Cuckolding by a Lifestyle cuckoldress

Cuckold Questionnaire 

Are you destined to be a cuckold? I believe there are some males that are truly destined to be cuckolded for a variety of reasons. These embarrassing questions are designed to evaluate you as a cuckold. Some of these questions will be VERY humiliating to admit to! Answer these 10 questions and forward them to Me for an evaluation. (DOWNLOAD NOW!)

Cuckolding ~ I love you but 


It is time for a heart to heart. Sitting you down I have decided that even though I may love you I realize that I will never be sexually satisfied by you. Instead I will be taking My pleasure with other lovers and you will be relegated to the role of cuckold. Not only a cuckold to Myself but since I have always enjoyed emasculating you there will be some new roles for you. Satisfying BBC cock is one. The same big black cock that I will be enjoying, you will be getting ready for Me. Oh I will be generous and let you watch Me enjoying Myself and receiving such deep satisfaction. The satisfaction that you have never been able to give Me. With each new cock I will be making a verbal and physical cock comparison that humiliates and emasculates you and drives the point home exactly why you have not been able to satisfy Me. Actually, you should be quite relieved that you will never penetrate a Woman again! I know that over time you will enjoy watching your wife having sex with other men…real men! Featuring elements of cuckolding, SPH, BBC, bisexuality, humiliation, emasculation, cock comparison (LISTEN NOW!)

The Cuckold Collection 


This contains My erotic cuckold files! As you may or may not know I am a Lifestyle Cuckoldress. I am a member of The Goddess Manor which is a private BBC group. This collection of cuckold recordings includes My latest best seller Cuckolding I love you but! (Five Audio Recordings and three Videos) (DOWNLOAD NOW!)