Clips4Sale Goddess Natasha

As I mentioned in My previous posts I have started the process of deleting all files that contain another person on My Clips4Sale studios.

Below are the ten that I will be removing on Thursday July 29th.


Punishment of a slave XHD (WMV)Buy Now
Price: $7.99
Size: 368 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Extreme High Definition (1920 x 1080)

Dressed in latex skirt, latex bra and waist cincher complete with leather gloves, I flog My slave’s back! Listen to the sound of the leather flogger as it strikes him. Then I use a leather strap across his bare ass again and again. His ass starts turning pink as he recites “my pain is your pleasure”.

Featuring elements of femdom, female domination, corporal punishment, flogging, latex, gloves, leather strap


CLASSIC Goddess Natasha ~ Whipped Corporal PunishmentBuy Now
Price: $29.99
Size: 364 MB
Length: 31 minutes

Dressed in a three piece (bra, thong, garter belt) black and red latex outfit with stockings and boots I am ready to train My slave. he is taken to the woods and doesn’t know what awaits him! slave has been locked in a belly iron complete with ball & chain attached which he is required to wear at all times! After attaching wrist restraints My slave is commanded to stand against a tree and chained to it with his arms overhead. I use a variety of implements begininng with a riding crop to warm up, moving on to a 12 string leather whio and finishing with a good amount of time with a bullwhip. I allow My slave to kneel before Me and he is granted the privelege of licking and polishing My boots!

The second scene is back at My dungeon where another slave awaits Me, restrained to the X-Cross, masked and gagged. He, too, experiences a variety of implements meant to punish! First, a leather strap across his ass, then an especially wicked knotted rope whip. I move on to flog his back then use a riding crop, strap and make sure I have his attention by digging My nails into his nipples. Lastly, I use a horse hair whip that is especially effective!


Worship My Strap-On (WMV)Buy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 100 MB
Length: 5 minutes

Worship My Strap-On My slave kneels before Me ready to worship! What he doesnt realize is that he will be worshipping My strap-on, licking, sucking his mouth filled! His head bobs up and down while I push deeper and deeper into this throat holding his head and face. Deep enough that he gags! I am getting him trained to suck the real thing!


Violated by My strap on! (WMV)Buy Now
Price: $9.99
Size: 148 MB
Length: 8 minutes

My slave kneels, waiting for Me holding a condom and lube in his hands. First, I have him roll the condom on the strap on and then lube it. Then he has the humiliating task of lubricating his own ass to be taken! I stand behind him as he leans over a bench pushing the strap on between his legs. Playing with his nipples, slapping his ass and running My long red fingernails across his back, he braces himself for the entry. After instructing him to stroke himself, I hold the strap on and push! I use him over and over making him ride and holding tight to his hips!


Whipped by Goddess (Clip 3) WMVBuy Now
Price: $7.99
Size: 60 MB
Length: 5 minutes

Dressed in a red patent leather bodysuit that hugs every curve and knee high leather boots, I am ready for some nipple play, My slave is fully restrained seated in a chair wearing a latex hood and a leg spreader keeps his legs far apart, His hands have been laced into a pair of leather mitts and restrained behind the chair. He isn’t going anywhere! I place nipple clamps on and then attach a rope to pull on it overhead. Oops! One comes off! Guess they need to be tighter!


CLASSIC Goddess Natasha Foot slave (Clip 4) WMVBuy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 197 MB
Length: 5 minutes

A few seconds to admire a pair of black patent leather high heels, then I walk up to My slave’s head in a pair of black leather over the knee boots. Stepping on his chest with one boot, I can see he is very nervous as I begin to ask him questions about serving Me. Next he sucks on the heel of one boot then the otherl I wipe the bottom of My dirty boot on his chest and his next task is to lick the bottoms clean He is so nervous he cannot even get My boot off. Close up of boot licking and heel sucking (1920 x 1080)


Impaled! (HD)Buy Now
Price: $9.99
Size: 286 MB
Length: 8 minutes
Tonight My slave is going to ride the impaler! (The impaler is a platform with a telescopic rod that a dildo can be attached to-big or small!) What he doesnt know is that I have put a large black dildo on it for him not the usual smaller one. First, he has the humiliating task of lubing up the black dildo then himself. As I tell him to insert it, I calmly light a cigarette while he not so calmly pushes it in. As I smoke, I pinch his nipples, squeeze his balls and slap his bare ass as he strokes
Foot slave (Clip 6) MP4Buy Now
Price: $4.99
Size: 29 MB
Length: 4 minutes
Foot slave (Clip 6) Barefoot Trample! This part of the video shows from My gorgeous tanned thighs down to My beautiful size 6 bare feet as I step onto My slave’s stomach with My full weight. I proceed to trample him and make him thank Me for the privilege! I step on his cock which appears to be very sensitive and also tap My barefoot on his cock. I step off so I can lace up My stunning black and red patent leather boots. The only reason he is there is to rest My boot on as I lace it up! He does moan as I dig the stiletto heel into his body! (640 x 480) IPad IPhone


Oral slave (Clip 1) (WMV) CLASSIC GODDESS NATASHABuy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 112 MB
Length: 5 minutes

Dressed in black bra, G-string, garter belt & stockings with knee high leather boots a new slave needs training!

Kiss the collar, kiss My boots to greet Me and then the questions begin!

What is a slave’s purpose….why are Females superior to males? Wrong answers and out comes the riding crop!

Next I lean over the table so slave can begin worshipping My ass (Clip 1 of 6)


CLASSIC Goddess Natasha Oral slave (Clip 2-WMV)Buy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 95 MB
Length: 5 minutes

Dressed in black bra, G-string, garter belt & stockings with knee high leather boots I instruct My slave further,

Bury your face in My ass slave, I instruct him next. I am not really pleased with his performance or his answers to My questions so I instruct him to rest his head on the floor between My legs-ass up!

I hold his head tightly with My boots and the riding crop is applied to his ass-liberally. Then I sit down to torment his nipples and slap his face repeatedly when he doesn’t please Me!