slave Training Program Goddess Natasha

I have always had a slave training program available for those who truly wish to serve. In the past My training program consisted of three levels and then Lifestyle Training. Each level consisted of 7 weeks of detailed lessons which included training letters, audio recordings as well as videos.

This continues to be one of the most common things I am asked. What is required to serve Me and what do I require from those who wish to serve. These particular files together as a slave training program will give you My rules, commands and what I expect and require! These are lessons to be learned! This contains four audio files, two videos as well as My training application. They may also be downloaded individually. But I think they are all important enough to be watched and listened to especially in this particular order!


slave Training Program

slave training program

This contains four audio files, two videos as well as My training application.

Training Application

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It is imperative that you complete this application prior to serving Me! This application begins the process to training with Me! Answer all questions completely and honestly and return them to Me.No matter how embarrassing or how personal they may seem! Don’t rush through this! The more detailed your answers, the better I can determine My training for and how you can serve and please Me!

Training Lesson One

Did you complete My training application? Very good, My pet! That was the first onto the second. This MP3 (audio) is the first lesson in My training program. During your training I will learn all your secret desires, your fetishes, your secrets and those deepest darkest fears!

My Rules and Commands

Protocol is VERY important to Me therefore it should be important to you! I have expectations and rules that must be followed in order to serve Me! This recording details the behavior that I expect and demand when serving Me!

Training Lesson Three Refocusing

Dressed in a cleavage baring leather top and deep lipstick, I address the subject of focusing your time, energy and attention. I have found there are two things that a male has to overcome for training to become a true slave. One is learning to refocus and the other is surrendering control. In this video, I discuss these two things that you will need to learn and be reprogrammed for!

Training Lesson Four Loyalty

This is probably one of the most important lessons and concepts to understand. Loyalty. What does it mean? How might I require you to prove your loyalty? Loyalty is so VERY important to Me! It might be something simple to an action that will require sacrifice. It might be something that I require from you that makes you uncomfortable or pushing you to your limit! Whatever it might be, you will do as I command to prove your loyalty!

Training Lesson Five Body Worship

One of the most exciting and fulfilling privileges for one of My slaves is body worship. Body worship including My entire body as well as making you a well-trained oral slave!

Lesson Six Kneel Worship Serve

Continuing in My training program, this lesson contains your new mantra. I am sure you have heard Me speak of it before. Kneel. Worship. Serve. Simple, right? I explain to you the concepts behind these three things and how you will fulfill them to My satisfaction!