My Interview with Goddess Belladonna

Female Supremacy! Female Superiority! A superior Mistress who not only talks the talks but most certainly walks the walks. This is what comes to mind when I think of the deliciously wicked and highly intelligent female supremacy Lifestyle Mistress – Goddess Natasha.

Goddess Natasha ( ) has been living as a Lifestyle Supremacy Mistress for most of her life and it is a real honor for me to get a chance to do this little text interview with her today. I hope it will help you – My readers – not only to better understand what being a true female supremacy Goddess means, but that you also get to know and learn to appreciate a true living Goddess among women.

Now without further ado, allow Me to introduce you to Goddess Natasha!

Goddess Bella Donna: Hello Natasha and thank you so much for giving Me and My readers some of your precious time.

Goddess Natasha: Oh, thank you! I am excited to do it.

Goddess Bella Donna: Natasha how did you get started in your life path of a female supremacy Goddess and how long have you lived the Lifestyle now?

Goddess Natasha: I was attending MSU and a professor mentioned Matriarchal Societies and after doing some research I became fascinated with it. However, I will say I was raised in a home where the Women were in charge! After moving to Florida in 1984 the progression to Female Supremacy and then to Female Led Relationships began.

Goddess Bella Donna: Can you please explain to us what this means precisely. I think a lot of people confuse Female Supremacy with feminism, which I know it is not. I think you would do the readers a great favor by explaining how You see your role as a strong female Leader.

Goddess Natasha: Well, if you look at the actual definition for feminism it is: Support of social, political, and economic rights for women equal to those of men whereas to myself Female Supremacy is believing Woman are the superior gender and that We are better equipped psychologically, emotionally and mentally to make decisions.

Goddess Bella Donna: That is a wonderful way of putting it. I want to lay one more misconception to rest so if you don’t mind. A lot of Us superior Ladies or as I like calling Us – Living Goddesses – are normally accused of being Men Haters or that we see all men as subhuman rather than inferior to Us. What are your thoughts on that?

Goddess Natasha: I really don’t know where that came from but you are right, it is a misconception. I am not a man hater by any means. I simply believe that Women are BETTER at being in control and their superiority is unquestionable!

Goddess Bella Donna: You are also a real time Mistress aren’t you? How did you get your start?

Goddess Natasha: Absolutely! When I moved here, I became aware of the BDSM Lifestyle and there were a number of public “dungeons” that I participated in. I did not agree with a lot of their policies and none of them  required any type of protocol so I built My own private dungeon.I didn’t want to be a “mill” Mistress with men coming and going and not ever knowing what serving a real Mistress was like. Protocol, lessons and absolute obedience are required.

Goddess Bella Donna: Protocols, Lessons, Obedience! Some of my favorite words! Can you tell us a little bit more about that? More to the point, what you do expect from your slaves? A little example?

Goddess Natasha: For instance, when a slave first enters My presence he kneels before Me and rests his head on My shoes or boots, arms outstretched in subjugation. Then he thanks Me for the opportunity of serving Me. My complete slave training program is 21 weeks in length and covers many topics from Worship to discipline to pain endurance.

Goddess Bella Donna: Is there anyway someone who is not able to come see you in person for a session, might receive this complete slave training program? You do offer online training and phone training for those unfortunate ones as well don’t you?

Goddess Natasha: Yes, although originally it was designed for the lessons to be mailed, it all can be done online. Phone training and online servitude can also be arranged.

Goddess Bella Donna: Let’s say one of our Readers here is fascinated by You and feels the strong urge to surrender to your superior wisdom and leadership. How would he go about contacting you?

Goddess Natasha: Phone training can be arranged by visiting My profile page at NiteFlirt and online training and servitude by first visiting My website

Goddess Bella Donna: Is also where they can enquire about a realtime professional domination session appointment with you?

Goddess Natasha: Yes, I can be contacted there as well as the ability to see the many training videos that I have available.

Goddess Bella Donna: Yes, training videos! I was going to ask you about that! You have both a YouTube Channel and I belief 2 Clips4sale Studios where you permit these fortunate boys to gain further instructions from you. Would you mind sharing those links with us?

Goddess Natasha: My two studios are and My YouTube channel link is

Goddess Bella Donna: Perfection, just like You! Smiles at Natasha! Now if you don’t mind a couple more questions. What are some of your favorite BDSM activities or fetishes you enjoy training your slaves in?

Goddess Natasha: Certainly foot worship, high heel worship, trampling…anything to do with My beautiful size 6 feet! I particularly enjoy a slave who can endure a good CBT, flogging or electro play session!

Goddess Bella Donna: Now we need to remember that not everyone is experienced in servitude and that a lot of people don’t realize that Mistresses have hard limits (something you will absolutely not do) as well. Would you mind sharing Yours with us?

Goddess Natasha: First of all, I am a Mistress and I do not engage in any sexual activities. Hard limits for Me are no illegal activity, I do not enjoy medical play, knives, needles nor do I engage in any type of edge play.

Goddess Bella Donna: Thank you for making this clear for all our readers.

It is very important that they realize that there are certain things that they will not receive even as a reward for good service, no matter how hard they beg for it.

A little birdy told me that you have a very special day coming up on April 21st. I believe this is one of the high holy days for your slaves isn’t it? Your Birthday? Do you have a wishlist where our Readers could share their gratitude for your time by sending you a little something?

Goddess Natasha: Yes, My birthday is on the 21st and My wishlist is

Goddess Bella Donna: Any favorite items of that list????

Goddess Natasha: I do enjoy wearing little black dresses and there are a couple that would look wonderful on Me!

Goddess Bella Donna: There you have it gentlemen subs and slaves. A Goddess wish is your command! Get those dresses for her first!

Natasha I would like to thank you for your time and being so generous with sharing your thoughts with all of us. It has been a great pleasure doing this interview with you. You already know how much I treasure your friendship and that I think you are an amazing woman worthy of nothing but worship and adoration!!!

Goddess Natasha: Oh, I must thank you for taking the time to spend with Me! It was an absolute joy and I look forward to many years of love and laughter with you My dear friend!

There you have it boys! An amazing Lady all the way around and you are so fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know her, perhaps serve her in the near future. Always remember when approaching a Lady of high quality as Goddess Natasha that your manners must be PERFECT and that you better remember that you approach her with the mindset of: What would please Mistress best!

I am as always

Goddess Bella Donna

Sacred Woman – Goddess – Destroyer
LS/ Pro-Domina, Online and Phone Mistress and fetish educator!

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