Goddess Natasha Weekly Recap

I hope that you had a great week and a great weekend! It has been HOT in south Florida and finally today there is a nice cool breeze!

Last night was a personal play night so I did sleep in a bit today! It was a very late night and a much needed corporal session! Which did include switching which I particularly enjoy!

I have been busy taking calls throughout the day and will continue to do do for another couple of hours.

I have decided that every Sunday I will be making a recap of all that happened and what is new for the past week!

This weeks most popular audio recording was Terms of your Castration which I found to be especially erotic! As a matter of fact it was one of the hottest sellers on the whole Niteflirt site! If you downloaded it, I hope you will leave a thumbs up! BUT a close second was Sissy Clitty which was a release from last week!

Speaking of best sellers I actually had three of them Breeding Party, Sissy Clitty and Terms of your Castration!

Below are the releases from the past week! If you missed any of them I know that you will enjoy them 😉

As always I cannot tell you how much your continued patronage is appreciated! Every download, every comment and every idea and suggestion shows Me that you also appreciate My efforts!


Goddess Natasha

Terms of your Castration  according to Goddess Natasha

goddess natasha

It is time to clear up some misunderstandings about the terms of your castration! Unfortunately, you don’t seem to realize that your castration is for MY amusement, MY pleasure, to meet MY needs! It is also time you realized your castration will be carried out according to My wishes and desires and on My time line! Listen closely as I outline the terms of your castration!

Continued Bitch Training 

Goddess Natasha

It is time to continue your training! Tonight you haven’t quite pleased Me by being late and speaking without permission. A few strokes and then starting with a 6 inch strap well that isn’t enough, My 8 inch that I call “Johnny” should be just right! Oh you will definitely need to be restrained on My fucking bench! Features sph, strapon worship, strapon training, bitch training, humiliation and more!

Sperm Hunter 

Goddess Natasha

I know that you have places that you go! Adult movie theaters, glory holes and maybe you have even been brave enough to answer some of those personal ads! The ones where a male is just looking to get his cock sucked. I bet you don’t even read the rest of the ad. All that you care about is his cock and how he will use you! Whenever you have free time, you slip away to prowl and become a sperm hunter.

Shemales The best of both Worlds! 

goddess natasha

It began quite innocently! Scrolling through photos and seeing pictures of a gorgeous Woman! Lovely breasts, long legs and those perfect pouty lips painted so red with red nails! But then you notice the bulge in her panties! The next picture shows a thick hard beautiful cock! I know…your cock twitched, didn’t it?? Then suddenly you can’t get enough! Now shemales are all you can masturbate to and the only thing you can cum too. Every masturbatory fantasy involves those chicks with dicks! It is all leading to one thing..your first sexual encounter with a shemale!

Sissy Summer Assignment  by Goddess Natasha

goddess natasha

This assignment is all about summer and making sure you as a sissy are ready! What do you think of when you think of summer? I think of you in a sexy, revealing bikini! But there are a couple of things you need to do to get ready for a sissy summer!