Forced bi Conversion Therapy

I have a new recording featuring My own brand of conversion therapy. Of course, what I want to convert you to is a cock sucker! This is session two of My forced bi conversion therapy. In this second session you will be naked, inhaling poppers and stroking.

~NEW~ Conversion Therapy Session Two 

forced bi conversion therapy

My type of therapy is very unorthodox as you know by now! This second session you will need your poppers. It is time to make sure that you abandon all your inhibitions! Follow My directions closely as I control your stroking, your inhaling and your fantasy. Imagine cocks. Monster cocks, big black cocks that you crave, that you want, that you need! Do not worry! With My help and My conversion therapy you will feel so much better! The first thing you need to do is remove all of your clothing. Featuring poppers, masturbation instructions (LISTEN NOW!)

My phone lines will be on My regular hours today. This evening My cam line will also be on and I will send out a cam announcement with details as well as photos.

Goddess Natasha’s Conversion Therapy!

Introduction Goddess Natasha’s Conversion Therapy 

forced bi conversion therapy

My conversion therapy is not only designed to convert you to a cock sucker but make you crave it! If you already are, this will only deepen those feelings through a variety of proven methods. Everything from talk therapy and imprinting, to aversion therapy, orgasmic reconditioning, masturbation instructions to poppers and more! I cannot wait to get you on My couch (LISTEN NOW!)

Conversion Therapy Session One 

forced bi conversion therapy

Just lie back on My couch and relax. Open your mind as I begin imprinting your love for cock. Cock is good! Cock makes you feel good! You CRAVE cock, need cock, are aroused by cock! Repeat after Me: I love cock! I need cock! Cock makes me feel good! Over and over mantras will play through your mind as your craving for good grows! (LISTEN NOW!)