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Censored Porn Humiliation

Domination IS about making you want what I want! I want to control you, what kind of porn you watch and conditioning you to what arouses you and yes even how quickly you orgasm! It is all about censored and controlling you! My censored porn humiliation recordings are powerful and so very effective.

As you may have noticed I thoroughly enjoy the idea of not only controling but censoring exactly what kind of porn you watch and conditioning you to what I want to be aroused by and masturbate to!

~ NEW ~ Censored Humiliating Porn

censored porn humiliation

This is all there is for you! I think this is one of the most if not the most humiliating video I have ever done! Even though My gorgeous tanned, toned calves are showing all you can think about is the white socks that I have on and just how dirty they are! How pathetic is that! But this is exactly what someone as pathetic as you deserves! Dirty socks grainy with grass and soil. THIS is your dirty socks porn and the only porn you will be allowed to have! First I want you to start with at least 48 hours of no masturbating or orgasms. I want you to make sure you have a wooden spoon that is going to be liberally applied when I tell you. THEN you can watch this humiliating video! Watching it and knowing it is the only kind of porn you need or want. Say it. I am a pathetic dirty sock lover. Looking at dirty filty socks gets me hard. I masturbate to dirty socks like these! Watching over and over and being conditioned exactly how I want you! Featuring Femdom, censored, dirty socks, humiliation, verbal humiliation


Censored Quick Cummer

censored porn humiliation

From now on you WILL be censored! No more seeing Goddesses beautiful face, no glimpses of My gorgeous breasts, panty peeks or pussy! Censored in so many ways! This is your new sex life! Just My stunning legs, high heels and hands directing you! Censored, rubbing and eventually being timed and trained to be a quick cummer! Featuring Femdom, emasculation, censored, pussy free, quick cummer

Quick Cummer Training 

censored porn humiliation

Of course I am not only training you to be a quick cummer but a CENSORED QUICK cummer! Womans breasts? Oh not for you! Looking at naked Women? Not for you and here you are backfor more! I am not sure what is MORE pathetic..that I am going to train you to be a quick cummer OR that you WANT Me to train you to be a quick cummer. Did you notice something different in this second quick cummer video? I am censoring you even more! The first quick cummer video you were allowed to see My sexy legs. I am going to be closing the focus so I censor your view more and more Being trained as a quick cummer obviously will ensure that you stay pussy free. Do you know another reason I want to make you a quick cummer? So that you can get to MORE important things! Like the chores that need to be done, like serving and pleasing Me! Now it is time to stroke! I have set the timer and you don’t have long! Featuring Femdom, pussy free, quick cummer, quick cummer training, timed quick cummer

Quick Cummer Ruining your Sex Life 

censored porn humiliation

My focus and goal is straight forward for making you a quick cummer. It is to completely destroy sex life! All along I have been encouraging you to watch more and more porn. Masturbating and edging for hours on end knowing that over time you are desensitizing yourself to anything other than your hand! Than censored quick cummer training to make sure than you orgasm quicker and quicker! Featuring Femdom, control, emasculation, quick cummer, chronic masturbation, chronic masturbator,censored porn humiliation, masturbation encouragement

QUICKER! Censored Quick Cummer 

censored porn humiliation

I know that you have been eagerly waiting for more of My censored quick cummer training! Or dreading it as you simply cannot resist another video in which I manipulate you! Censoring you more…and more…and now it isn’t minutes that you are allowed! Merely seconds! Quicker and Quicker! Featuring Femdom, sexual manipulation, censored porn humiliation, quick cummer, timed quick cummer, sexual programming

Quick Cummer Continued Training 

I am so enjoying your emasculating censored quick cummer training! I told you that it would be getting more intense, quicker and more and more censored! My goal of making you cum so quick and censored totally is getting closer and closer! By now you know how destructive and manipulative it is but you simply cannot resist! Featuring Femdom, censored, quick cummer, censored porn humiliation, timed quick cummer

Humiliation Foot Porn

Take your place at My feet where you belong. Snapping My fingers I instruct you to oink for Me! I have been molding you into exactly what I want! With My pussy free reinforcement, censoring you, quick cummmer training have all helped Me make you unfuckable! It is so amusing! It IS so appropriate for you! Even more amusing that you keep coming back for more! More of My laughing, more of My amusement at your expense! THIS is your porn! My perfectly size 6 feet as I hold out My red leather high heel telling you to stuff your face inside. Now thank Me for making you unfuckable! Featuring Femdom, high heels, toe cleavage, foot worship, foot fetish, humiliation, pussy free, bare feet, red toenails, oinking, unfuckable, censored porn humiliation