Women Biologically Superior

As a longtime proponent of Female Supremacy, I am always learning something new about how Women are Superior and studies that further this philosophy! I believe in being educated about the Lifestyle and am interested in more than “Woman are superior because they don’t think with a dick”! There is so much more to Female Superiority than that! This philosophy is near and dear to My heart and I consider Myself a Female Supremacist first and foremost! Whenever I read something new or an article is brought to My attention I try to engage others in the facts that I find. This is where My latest Women Biologically Superior comes from. Recent studies and numerous articles can attest to the facts that I state and point out.

My latest recording is

Women Biologically Superior

and is based on numerous articles and studies. I hope that you enjoy it!

women biologically superior


~NEW~Women  Biologically Superior $9.99

I have been a proponent and believer in Female Supremacy for many years. It is easy to find the evidence and proof of this superiority as you surf the internet and watch the nightly news! This superiority is evidenced in so many ways and yes, even biologically! (Audio MP3 File 10 Minutes 43 Seconds)

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Female Led Relationships $6.99

As well as being a Lifestyle Female Supremacist I am also a firm believer in Female Led Relationships. This recording details some of the expectations and details of FLR. (Audio File 6 Minutes 12 Seconds)

Female Supremacy A male’s Role $.8.99

I have spoken often of the way society is changing and how I see the world especially our society as Female Supremacy and Female Led Relationships become more prominent. In this POV video, I discuss the males role and how this will be determined. I would consider this an extreme view of the future!

Female Supremacy The Natural Order $7.99

As a Lifestyle Female Supremacist I do believe in the Superiority of Women. In addition, I do believe that this is the NATURAL order. My reflections and ideas to bringing you to the Natural Order-Female Supremacy! There are so many examples and so much information that corroborates that Female Supremacy IS the Natural Order! (Audio File MP3 7 Minutes 12 Seconds)

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