Panty Worship by Goddess Natasha

Over the years I have developed many different types of training material for slaves and submissives. These have taken the form of Femdom videos, MP3’s and written instructions.

There is quite a large male population that have a panty fetish! This fetish can take many forms. Some of My pets enjoy wearing panties and have a large collection. However, there are numerous males who find wearing a Woman panties that She has worn particularly exciting and erotic. While I find that exciting as well as erotic for the fetishists, I have found that My panties and training slaves with them to be exciting as well!

I found that items that I have worn to be particularly effective as well as erotic! The scent of Goddess clings to My stockings, panties and shoes. What better way to influence a slave that the Scent of Goddess? Of course, that intimate scent from My panties is the most seductive! One of My favorite things to do is have a slave carry a pair of My panties with him. Then when I text him he is required to worship them where ever he may be.

This particular set of instructions for panty worship has been part of My Complete slave Training program that I created many years ago. This training program was designed for those who would one day serve Me in person or for the individual who was far away.


panty worship



Panty Worship

Understand that I take training My submissives quite seriously and am VERY detailed in My instructions! After all, I WANT you to be a good slave and to please Me. Isn’t that what you want too?

This training letter is erotic as well as being a way to convey My wishes and allow you to worship! Enjoy!

Panty Worship Instructions $15.00

Panty Worship Training This Letter contains Erotic detailed instructions for panty worship! Includes photos for worship! Features panty worship, Female Supremacy, mantra recitation, Worship rituals (Written Content PDF file-3 Pages-1, 069 Words)