Lingerie Fetish Goddess Natasha

My most popular videos these week were two fetish videos. One features lingerie fetish try on after shopping and the other features tight leggings and high heels.

One of this weeks most popular audio recordings features sissy small penis humiliation. The second one is a Lifestyle Femdom file detailing no limit slavery.

Throughout today and tonight My phone as well as My chat lines will be on!

Appearing on Marque

Sissy SPH 

By now you know that your size is NOT something that pleases Women! I so enjoy photos that show just how small you! Reflecting that you are sexually inadequate and sexually inferior! When you see photos, videos or hear Women say bigger is better you know that you don’t qualify! That sexual inferiority fueled as you do get aroused by Women BUT it’s not thinking about intercourse that is erotic! More interested now in a creampie or even licking sucking a cock! By now all the masturbating you have done has completely desensitized you for sex! It is only natural that you have become a sissy…that you are a sissy! One day I will enjoy exposing you across the world and internet! It is only a matter of time! Featuring Femdom, sph, sissy sph, lingerie, exposure, humiliation, sissy reinforcement, sexual inferiority, sexual inadequacy

Most Popular Videos

Lingerie Try On 

Lingerie Fetish

I have just arrived back from a shopping expedition and share My new lingerie off for you. Gorgeous bras, thongs and a white see through bra featured. Featuring lingerie, tease and denial, bra fetish, bra and panties, thong

Tight Leggings High Heels 

Lingerie Fetish

A purely worship video where I am wearing matching webbed leggings, crop top and 6 inch stiletto high heels. Full body view with nice shots for ass worship and the closeups show My beautiful cleavage and deep lipstick nicely

Most Popular Audios

Sissification Hyperfeminine 

Lingerie Fetish

As your sissification continues there will be stricter sissy training, more severe discipline as needed as you are trained and transitioning into the sissy you were meant to be! Yes, there will be forced feminization since you have not been able to accomplish this on your own. As I sissify you My plans for you are complete destruction of your masculinity, irreversible feminization and then exposure as the sissy you are! Each step of your transformation carefully planned so that you cannot return to a male!

NO Limit slavery 

Beginning with a video confessional that will leave you trapped in this life of permanent chastity, no limit slavery you will return from work each day and as the door closes behind you returning to the life you need and deserve. As My toy, as My pet with no rights or personal power. No choices to make! This new life will be filled with endless degradation, humiliation and servitude. I will train and condition you so that you will find the most degrading things erotic. Everything from spitting, slapping, scent training while worshiping My ass. There is no escape from the never ending torment, teasing and humiliation with the threat of exposure. After all I have your video confessional as well as any other degrading things I wish to record. With permanent chastity the only purpose for your cock will be to tease and torment adding to your frustration. This will be a way of conditioning your sexual response to suit MY purposes and for MY entertainment. Locked permanently with a titanium pin through a piercing I will be milking you which will only add to your frustration and humiliation. Living this way with My control, My humiliation and conditioning you will make you so dependent on Me mentally and emotionally. There will be no limit to My cruelty, no limit to your humiliation and no limit to your slavery

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Sissy Cuckold Training 

Lingerie Fetish

As a sissy cuckold, MY sissy cuckold the only way you get to have orgasm is a sissygasm. It is time to start your training so that your body grows accustom to only this type of orgasm! After all sissys are not real men and you will NOT feel the warmth and intimacy of a real pussy again. So you are going to fuck your sissy pussy long and hard for Mistress. Follow My instructions knowing you are pleasing Me THIS is what I want from you! To become trained like a good sissy, like a good girl! Fuck your sissy pussy long and hard as Goddess commands you! After all, you must be trained for Goddesses strapon and/or cock! Featuring Femdom, sissy training, anal training, dildo training, sissification, humiliation, sissy pussy, Lingerie Fetish

~NEW~ Trained to be a Sex slave 

The idea of training you to be a bi sex slave is especially erotic! Knowing that every step that I take is to the ultimate goal of giving you to a male to be used as a sexual object! Since I have total control I don’t have any intention of telling you before hand. All you know is that you have been stripped of your free will and are growing more and more obedient and dependent on Me! But I KNOW that you secretly crave cock. That you crave to be used! The first you know of My intention is when I take you to a friends house and I simply tell him that you have been trained, are obedient and ready to be used. That your sole purpose is to bring HIM pleasure! Featuring Femdom, slave training, sex slave, bi, forced bi, cock sucking, emasculation