Goddess Natasha Weekly Recap

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My most popular video this week is a fetish video with a real scene of My return home and this weeks most popular audio was one of My many sissy tasks! Two of My files have appeared on the marque this week. One was My fetish video featuring high heels and the second was My custom sissy task!

I will be available per My regular schedule today for phone calls and chat!

Appearing on Marque

Foot Worship Red Leather Pumps 

Leather pumps are My favorite high heels to wear. Exiting the car you catch My gorgeous legs and the camera follows Me in a tight short black dress. Sitting I cross My legs and the view of My red leather pumps is high lighted as I dangle My shoes from My toes and engage in shoe play. Plenty of close ups and views of My sexy size 6 feet!

Most Popular Video

Home from Work 

Entering the condo (dressed in gray suit, white blouse and black leather pumps) I pour a glass of wine, sitting in a chair I enjoy My wine as I dangle My shoe off My stocking foot. I go into the bedroom to undress taking off My jacket then My shoes. I rub My stocking feet then remove My pants. Sitting on the bed wearing pantyhose and white blouse I rub My feet and legs after a long day. I unbutton My blouse and model pantyhose the slowly remove the pantyhose, bra and panties. After putting on a black silk robe I am off to shower.

Most Popular Audio

Feminization Sissy Task 

What sissy doesn’t need instructions and guidance? I know you want to please Me and obey Me! Be a good girl and do exactly as I tell you! I will guide you and tell you EXACTLY what I want to see! Of course I want to see screen shots and particularly photos of your completed task! Featuring Femdom, feminization, sissification, sissy shopping, lingerie

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Sissy Cross Dressed for Cock 

With My help your sissy conditioning and sissy brainwashing is continuing! I am going to keep pushing you not only making you more feminine with panties, stockings, lingerie bra with breast forms. It’s becoming much deeper than that. I want to take you from sissy crossdresser to sissy cocksucker. As you become more and more femme, more and more conditioned and brainwashed I am going to make sure you are now cross dressing for cock! What is My goal? To make you go completely gay! To reprogram your sexuality, change you sexuality! How controlling and erotic! Making you hungry for cock so that every time you put on your panties, stockings that in the back of your mind you are getting dressed for cock! Making yourself feminine and attractive for cock! Each time getting more and more intense, more and more exciting! Just think of all the possibilities! From sissy play dates to sissy threesomes and so much more! Featuring Femdom, feminization, sissification, crossdressing, femme for cock, gay conditioning, dressing for cock, sissy dates, sissy threesome

~NEW~ Emasculation Below Beta 

So the terms alpha and beta are used to designate a males place. But then there are “males” like you! What I refer to as below beta. The below betas who do things and have things done to them that you have never imagined! So low that you are the one who suffers unbelievable depths of degradation and humiliation. Doing whatever anyone tells you, demands of you. Used and abused as your Superiors desire! Featuring Femdom, emasculation, humiliation, pussy free, sexual inferiority, sexual inadequacy

~NEW~ Personal Custom Sissy Training 

One of the things I enjoy is not only creating custom recordings but also engaging in custom/personal training! I have made this quite simple for you! Listen to My MP3 and send Me the answers to My questions. Then I will create a custom training file for you!

~NEW~ On your Way to Be Gay! 

There is no doubt in MY mind that you are on your way to being gay because it is one of MY goals! With My influence and conditioning you are already on your way to being gay! First I reiterate again and again that you should be pussy free through phone calls, videos and audio recordings. Instructing you to listen to them again and again. Then making sure you commit to being pussy free and taking the pussy free pledge. Then My gay conditioning tasks and from there conditioning you and yes, brainwashing you that you SHOULD be gay! That you will be happier being gay! That you were MEANT to be a bottom to muscular well-endowed men who will use you! Eventually convincing you to be gay and lead a gay lifestyle! Featuring Femdom, making you gay, gay conditioning, gay reinforcement, gay acceptance