Goddess Natasha Phone Domination Prime Time

Are you ready for Goddess Natasha phone domination prime time?

As you know I am pretty consistent with My schedule. I am up early because I want to see the sunrise over the ocean every morning! After living for far too long out west in the swamp, I enjoy this every morning! Even with the cool weather this week it actually made the sunrises more spectacular.

Then a beach workout if the weather permits. If not, there is a 24 hour gym at My condo. Shortly afterwards My phone lines are turned on which is usually around 8 AM (EST). Until noon I take calls, engage in chat and personal training. I also answer personal correspondence, interact on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Since My personal slave is working close by on a project, from noon until 1 PM I take a break for lunch and……

During the afternoon hours, I continue to take calls, chat and record any custom videos or audio files.  I usually am available until approximately 10 PM . Of course there are times when I am not available due to a night out, a private play night or some recreational activity! Since I post here daily you will always know when I am available.

BUT! What is now new is Goddess Natasha phone domination prime time! What does this mean?  This means that during what I consider prime time hours I will be logged in and available for phone calls! However, these hours are at MY discretion and yes, the rates WILL be different! So other than My regular hours I will be available from 10 PM until 7 AM when I have Goddess Natasha phone domination prime time lines on. Late Night Callers Visit Me here!

goddess natasha phone domination

There are a number of reasons I am doing this. One is that there are a lot of those on the west coast with different schedules and availability due to the time difference. Two there is a large of group of those that enjoy those late calls  for Femdom hypnosis, poppers and popperbating and a variety of other topics.