Making you My wife Gender Transformation

As you know I carefully plan every step in Making you My “wife” gender transformation. Each detail of your transformation thoroughly thought out as you are transitioning into My wife!

~NEW~ Transitioning into My “wife” 

There is no magic pill to take. The transitioning into My wife is all a journey taking time and dedication. Practicing all things femme such as cosmetics, corset training and walking and talking. It is so exciting to Me to plan each individual step. All of the plans, all of My commands, tasks and assignments are all part of your journey into becoming My wife! As a male you have been conditioned to instant gratification! For example chronic masturbation is something that will be reprogrammed with your transition into My wife! It is exciting to know that each step in your transition brings you closer to being My wife! Featuring Making you My wife, forced feminization, FLR, emasculation, femme, transformation, gender transformation

Today My I am available per My regular hours by phone and chat!

Making you My “wife” Gender Transformation

Making you My wife Sexual Service 

As your transformation into My wife continues there have been many changes. There are still many changes to come! The idea of your focus now being in service and servitude. In addition, that service includes being in sexual service. Where your pleasure is no longer paramount or even necessary. Now you are simply a means and receptacle for others sexual desires and releases. As your clitty shrinks more and more, your panties continually wet from your chastity tears, you resign yourself to your new life! I have such erotic scenarios planned for you! Restrained and helpless, dressed and eager to be used by one and all! Featuring gender transformation, Making you My wife, forced feminization, emasculation, femme, transformation

Making you My Bimbo “wife” 

I get so excited when I think of your transformation into My wife. All the physical, emotional and psychological changes that will take place as your male attitudes and behaviors are eliminated! It is such a powerful feeling! There are so many ways that I can transform you and mold you into what I want at any given time! Changing the way you look and your physical attributes such as creating a bimbo wife!

Making you My “wife” ~ Sacrifices 

Once I have taken you as My “wife” your life will never be the same! There will be many sacrifices that you will make! First of all your masculinity will be sacrificed as you become more and more feminine! Emasculation is a given as well as not only your identitiy and sexual identity! Sacrificing friends, family, male ego, libido and perhaps your career! But you know that it will all be worth every sacrifice to be My wife ~ forever!

Making you My “wife” ~ Erased 

One of the most erotic parts of Making you My wife is the elimination and erasure of your old life. In essence it IS the erasure of the old you! Erasing and eliminating so many parts of your previous life. Erasing and eliminating so many parts of you! Friends, family, hobbies, career down to your personality and of course your sexuality. So empowering and erotic knowing that in your transformation so much of you will be erased!

Making you My “wife” ~ Deepening your Desire 

As you listen to My voice you relax and absorb all that I say. The craving to be transformed into My wife is growing stronger and stronger. The NEED to be My wife is growing more and more intense. Feminization is a growing desire. As your craving and need intensifies your inhibitions lessen. The powerful desires to be molded into My wife physically, mentally and emotionally are becoming stronger and all that you can think about! Feminization and complete transformation IS your destiny just as being My wife is your destiny! Featuring feminization, brainwashing, Making you My wife, gender transformation, cuckolding, submission