Feminization Conditioning Goddess Natasha

My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today. In addition I have a new feminization conditioning audio file encouraging the girl inside and being a good girl!

~NEW ~ Sissification The Girl Inside 

It is time to stop hiding that girl inside! I know that she wants out! That pretty girl that loves to wear pink, that loves to dress up! Especially at the thought of being exposed by someone like Me! I want you to dress, to let out that girl inside and more often! Not here and there, not once or twice! All the time! Be a good girl for Goddess! Featuring Femdom, sissification, feminization, feminization conditioning, sissy encouragement, good girl reinforcement


ASMR Good Girl 

I know how much you want to be a good girl! To please Me and to follow all My commands. Becoming more feminine. Feeling more feminine. Listen closely as I whisper how you can be a good girl. How you WILL be a good girl! Whispering seductively My voice flows through your mind as My words resonate. Good girl!  Best listened to with headphones.

More Feminization Conditioning

Feminization vs Sissification 

As you know I am a Lifestyle Mistress and I am sure you have realized that I am not a cookie cutter Mistress! Two of the things that I find satisfying and erotic are feminization and sissification. There are absolutely differences between the two and each has their own appeal. As I begin to know more about you and what I want your role to be a picture and plan forms. This is when I decide between feminization or sissification!

Femme Brainwashing Align your mind 

Listen to Goddesses voice as I go deep into your subconscious. Those feminine thoughts and traits have ALWAYS been there. Even when you have tried to bury them they have always been there! It IS who you truly are, who you want to be and who Goddess wants you to be! Giving in to all those feminine urges, having a smooth closely shaved body becoming more and more femme! Featuring Femdom, mind control, femme encouragement, feminization, emasculation, feminization conditioning, behavior modification

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