Domme Goddess Natasha

Everyone wants a file by Domme Goddess Natasha lately! My most popular video this week features My gorgeous legs, stockings and high heels. This weeks most popular audio was a tie between Femdom Caging and Accept your True Nature. All three files were highly downloaded this week! I also received a large number of custom requests which kept Me very busy!

Forced Feminization Hourglass Figure and The Breeder both have been on the most popular marque. In addition Yes Sir is featured as one of the most liked files for the month!

My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today! I look forward to hearing from you!

Appearing on Marque

The Breeder 

For so long you have been dreaming of being bred. Fantasizing about all the aspects and imagining every detail! Over and over you have begged Me to serve Me in this way. After all I am known as The Breeder and I know just how to create the most exciting and emasculating experience of your life! Finally I have decided that you are ready to be broken and broken in! It is going to be an experience unlike any other! This preparation has elements of forced feminization including some very special items that will ensure your feminization and will also enhance your breeding session! Featuring Femdom, feminization, forced feminization, hormones, testosterone blocker, emasculation, aphrodisiac, Domme Goddess Natasha

Yes, Sir! Serving Master 

Over the years I have trained many males to not only serve Myself but also to serve a Master! In fact I have trained a number of slaves at a Masters request! It is not only exciting to Me but is also an effective form of emasculation when I command you to do so! There are a number of situations that can lead to you serving a Master. It may be simply because I desire it as a form of obedience training or that it will amuse Me! Or a Master doesn’t have his own personal slave at the moment or he simply is seeking sexual satisfaction! Or even more exciting to Me is that I am whoring you out to a Master ! No matter what the reason when I send you to serve a Master you WILL obey him just as you obey Me! There is only one thing you need to remember when serving master! Any command, any instructions you simply answer Yes Sir! On your knees …Yes Sir! Open your mouth..Yes, Sir! Bend over and Spread yourself open…Yes Sir! Anything he asks, anything he commands means instant obedience! Even serving as a “party favor” and servicing Masters friends! Featuring Domme Goddess Natasha, Femdom, serving a Master, emasculation, forced bi

Most Popular Video

Patent Leather High Heels ~ Black Stockings 

I just love high heels! I simply can’t get enough of them and nothing is sexier than black heels with a pair of stockings! In this video I have two different pair of black patent leather high heels that I especially enjoy. Now to decide which pair should I wear today?? I show you each pair and model each one with glimpses of My stocking clad legs and feet. Great views of My gorgeous legs, stockings and both pairs of high heels!

Most Popular Audio

Femdom Cage Training 

you have seen the many pictures of Myself by or near a cage. I have found that cage training is an integral part of training My slaves. I will train you step by step to accept your place and bring you under My control physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Cage training is another one of those steps!

Accept your True Nature 

Now you have been here for a number of therapy sessions and shared many intimate details with Me. VERY intimate details on your sexual activities and fantasies. What you have been doing with men, the panties and high heels as well as your confusion about your sexual identity. So after hearing about your sexual encounters, fantasies and seeing your reactions , I am ready to give you My honest opinion. It is time for you to accept your true nature!

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Forced Femme Hourglass Figure 

With My guidance and Dr Jennifers help you WILL be on your way to a feminine hourglass figure! This IS one of My goals for you! It always has been! Besides a computer generated pattern to follow Dr Jennifer and I can mold and change you as I desire! After all, hormone therapy and testosterone blockers can only do so much! Experimenting with breast sizes, how wide your hips should be and more! With her skill and My vision your transformation and molding into a feminine voluptuous hourglass figure WILL be irreversible and permanent! With the body design that She and I have developed for you there will be not turning back. No return to masculinity and no way to hide what you have become! Featuring Domme Goddess Natasha, Femdom, forced feminization, hormone therapy, emasculation, emotional emasculation, breast augmentation, transformation

~NEW~ The Breeder Part 2 

The powerful aphrodisiac makes it almost impossible to think! Every movement, every touch you continue to moan as you ache to be filled! For some type of relief! Yet I continue to encourage another sip, another drink. Bending you over and slipping My fingers inside you elicits a guttural moan! Is this what you need I ask? I know EXACTLY what I am doing to you as you beg to be used, beg for more, plead for cock! So aroused and so eager as I fasten your collar and attach a leash then lead you down the hall. The softness of the lingerie, the click of your fuck me high heels as your arousal continues to grow with each step. Entering the mirrored room you see the large screen TV’s, naked black men with your erections jutting and waiting for you! The TV screens now change to a view of the room and all of us as you stand looking at the breeding bench! I whisper in your ear that is not only being recorded but also live streamed! Featuring Femdom, breeding, BBC, black seed, emasculation, aphrodisiac, breeding bench, leg spreader, O-ring gag