Domination Fetish Goddess Natasha

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far! I am glad to be home after an unplanned trip to Michigan that ended up being longer than planned! So today I am responding to emails, available online for chat and calls.

My most popular video was a fetish file featuring stockings and high heels. This weeks most popular audio was a Femdom recording called Live to Serve.

In addition My audio file Good slave for Goddess appeared on the marque for much of the week.

Appearing on Marque

Good slave for Goddess 

domination fetish

I get asked every day what makes a good slave. Some things are very obvious such as obedience, loyalty, respect and adoration. In this recording, I explain how YOU can be a good slave for Me! Featuring Femdom, domination fetish, ownership, oral servitude, worship, sub training

Most Popular Video

LBD Stockings High Heels 

domination fetish

There is just something about a little black dress, isn’t there? So sexy but even sexier when I add a pair of black stockings and black leather pumps! Last night as I was relaxing before going out I recorded this. Relaxing on the couch and rubbing My stocking clad legs together. Don’t you love that whisper of stockings? Dangling My high heel leather pump I let My shoe fall to the floor and then you are treated to My stocking clad feet. Reclining and lighting up a cigarette watch as the smoke swirls! Featuring stockings, fetish, domination fetish

Most Popular Audio

Femdom Live to Serve 

domination fetish

It happens very gradually. Honestly, you won’t even realize the changes that are taking place and how your focus is completely changed. Every time you speak with Me, look at My pictures and listen to My recordings, My control becomes more complete. It has been My plan and goal all along. As I become imprinted more and more in your mind I also become more embedded in your daily life! Then one day you realize that your focus and life have totally changed and you now live to serve!

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Chastity Shrinking your Penis 

By know you know how I feel about chastity! All males should be taken in hand and controlled including being locked in chastity. WITHOUT access to the key or any way to escape! As well as the control I so enjoy knowing that keeping you in chastity WILL shrink your penis! It IS a proven fact! Chastity can have such a powerful effect not only on your sexual activities but as you see it shrinking and needing a smaller cage it will be so emasculating! Featuring Femdom, chastity, smaller and smaller cage, domination fetish, shrinking, emasculation, SPH

~NEW~ Dominated Used by BBC 

domination fetish

As I pull on your leash I thrust My strapon deep inside you. Fucking you relentlessly you are oblivious to anything else. The door opens and the bulls I have summoned enter. As they begin undressing I ask you how much BBC porn you have watched and how many times you have orgasmed to fantasizing about sucking it! All you can do is moan and answer yes! Then a twitching big black is in your face as I open your mouth and tell you to suck! Only after you are fucked into exhaustion do I let the bulls leave. Don’t think this will be a onetime event I tell you! Featuring Femdom, strapon, BBC, domination fetish, humiliation, emasculation

~NEW~ Sissy Community Whore 

domination fetish

What could more humiliating than making you not only a whore but a community whore? First your sissification with body waxing and a trip to the salon! Then shopping for sexy, slutty outfits like short shorts, club dresses and fuck me high heels! Sexy lingerie, stockings including fish net stockings and more! Community whore means exactly that! The whole community is welcome to use you! From gay leather Bears, truckers, Mistresses and Masters whoever asks to use you is given My permission! When you aren’t being used in the “community” then it is a cheap hotel room or a street corner! Being a community whore WILL be the focus of your new life! Featuring Femdom, sissy, sissification, forced bi, emasculation