Cuck Cuckolding Questionnaire

I have found that cuckolding and this Lifestyle to be particularly effective as a form of emasculation and training. I also consider it a privileged position that not all are suited for. However there are a large number of males that are destined to be a cuck! When you answer these questions I will know if you are one of these males!

~NEW~ Cuckold Questionnaire 


Are you destined to be a cuckold? I believe there are some males that are truly destined to be cuckolded for a variety of reasons. These embarrassing questions are designed to evaluate you as a cuckold. Some of these questions will be VERY humiliating to confess and admit to! Answer these 10 questions and forward them to Me for an evaluation. (DOWNLOAD NOW)

I am available today for calls, personal training and tasks as well as instant chat. I plan on being online until 10 PM EST.

Cuckold Life 


There is no doubt in My mind that you are a cuckold. That you were MEANT to be a cuckold. First, let’s examine your personal history! After reflection and My guidance you are going to embrace being a cuckold! Of course, I don’t want you to feel left out so there will be plenty for you to do! Embarrassing, humiliating and menial tasks all in preparation for MY pleasure. It is so emasculating! It is so humiliating! But those are just some of the reasons I am going to enjoy making you a cuck! After all, it is your place! There are quite a few new realities for you to face. This is NOT a fetish. This is a Lifestyle!  (LISTEN NOW!)

Steps in Cuckolding for a cuck


There are a number of steps that a cuckold will go through. From personal experience I can tell you what will happen to you mentally, emotionally and physically. As you are called to new and varied duties such as fluffer or clean up these feelings and emotions will change and evolve. The final step is your acceptance of your position as a cuck. Knowing that it IS your place and where you are meant to be. Realizing that this is not a fetish but rather a lifestyle.  (LISTEN NOW!)

Emasculating you with BBC 


you may not know that I am a real life cuckoldress and belong to the Goddess Manor which is a private BBC group. In this recording I talk about our group and how much I enjoy the internal emasculation of BBC. Knowing how a white male like you feels knowing I prefer a bbc and your role as a cuck. (LISTEN NOW!)

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