Making you My wife Complete Emasculation

As you know one of My ultimate fantasies would be your complete emasculation and  transformation into My wife! One of the reasons I find this particularly erotic is that it is so emasculating! Which is what I was thinking about recently

Making you My ‘wife” ~ Emasculation

complete emasculation

I have been guiding you and telling you about your new life as My “wife”. Oh, yes! I have such plans for you! As a matter of fact I share them with you on a regular basis! I KNOW how much you crave this type of life and transformation. This transformation is really about your emasculation, isn’t it? This is what is so erotic to Me! Each day, each step leads to your emasculation. After all, men don’t wear panties do they? Men don’t desire and crave the things you do, do they? It is Time to begin your emasculation! mentally, physically and psychologically. After all, I know it is what you need and more importantly it is what I want you to be! It is so powerful and erotic to imagine stripping away your masculinity! (LISTEN HERE)

Complete Emasculation

Making you My wife ~ Cuckold Duties 

complete emasculation

As My wife you have many duties and chores to perform. I have high expectations and with My training and guidance you will be able to perform them to My specifications. Of course, you know by now that the hormone therapy and testosterone blockers make it impossible for you to maintain an erections. Be assured you will never again penetrate a Woman. Not only would I never allow it but NOW it is physically impossible! No, your sex life is VERY different now. Simply a cuckold you will be performing as such! Not only will it be embarrassing and humiliating but it will be emasculating. Oral sex, fluffing and sexually available at any time! (LISTEN HERE)

Making you My wife 

complete emasculation

My ultimate Fantasy! These five recordings detail your transformation, physically, mentally and emotionally! Hormone therapy and corset training are just the beginning. (This includes Making you My HOT Wife video, Femme Voice Training, Making you My wife Audio, My 50’s Housewife Audio and Disciplining My Wife video) (DOWNLOAD HERE)