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Hey Guys this is Diane and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am in my forty’s and have been exploring my sexuality since I first started out on my own. I have been bisexual my whole life and have almost always had a girl in my life as well as my husband. I have been married since I was 18. We enjoy all kinds of sexual exploration together. In my mid 20’s we started to play with cuckolding. This has to be one of my favorite things to do. I like to make a man do things for me that he would not do on his own. I have played with transgenders and sissies. If you have ever spoken with Chilly Hicks that is my real life girlfriend of well over 10 years. I am not a professional dominatrix that is just something that does not interest me. I enjoy the things that I do but there are parts of my life that you can peek at but not experience one on one. I have a lot of movies and enjoy making more. Recently I started making mp3’s which are wonderful to me. I am a writer and I run a couple of blogs which I encourage you to read. I put all kinds of things up there and write about fetishes. I have always been fascinated by the driving force behind a person and their fetish. All of my pictures and movies are absolutely real. This year we are focusing on a set number of fetishes we do have all kinds of other movies but these are the ones we want to give a bit more attention to. My regular customers get free minutes so it really is nice to be a regular. I am a real all American Girl. I work out of my home and enjoy sharing my sexual adventures with my Niteflirt friends. One of things I greatly enjoy is getting to know you and what makes you excited. Talking about all those sexual adventures you want to have or have had. I know we can have a lot of fun together give me a call and lets explore each other. As you explore the different parts of my things here on Niteflirt please give me a call and lets talk about the things that interest you.

Some men do not deserve my attention some are just so far below me. You are one of those me just be happy you are allowed in my presence because there is nothing else I am going to give you. I do understand I am being emotionally sadistic to you. That is part of what I enjoy the most. If you try to talk when I tell you to stop talking or even just give you that look, I will get out my large collection of ball gags then all you can do is whine while I laugh at you.I will do with you whatever I want so if someone makes me angry you are the one that is going to get the face slapping. It makes me feel better to take out my frustration and anger on your skin. While you are not allowed to speak unless spoken to we both know you have become very good at begging with your puppy eyes. I on the other hand have become very good at ignoring you. I will dismiss you with a wave of my hand and you will do anything to get my attention back onto you. You are a spoiled brat who needs a lot of obedience training you do not have the level of manners that I demand of a loser like you. The only way I will allow you in my presence is for you to show your complete submission to me.This is not a line where you get to call the shots. If you call this line then understand I will talk to you when and IF I desire. If I want then you will sit there while I do whatever I want and you pay just to hear me breath. You only place in this world is underneath a strong Goddess Woman. You work hard to take care of me and I demand that you take very good care of me. It is not about what you want or even think you should receive. This is all about me and you learning how to stay silent unless I choose for you to speak.

Take your place at my feet and kiss those Goddess Toes.

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