Chronic Masturbator MY Cure

There are so many of you that are a chronic masturbator! I know it and you know it! So much of your time is spent masturbating! All of that wasted time when you could be doing something productive like serving Me! Now it is time for ME to take control. It is time for ME to control your orgasms and your masturbation Now it is time for ME to cure you! That is right Mistress will help you with your problem! With this video exercise you are on your way to being cured!

Curing the Chronic Masturbator

Yes, I am talking to you! The chronic masturbator…well, I have the cure! I know that you spend all your free time jerking off, looking at photos, surfing the internet, playing with yourself! We both know you have a problem! Guess what? I have the cure! Listen to My instructions carefully and follow them! I CAN cure you…the chronic masturbator!

chronic masturbator


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