Permanent Chastity Lifetime of Frustration

I have always been a firm believer in chastity for ALL males. Not only do I believe that all males should be in chastity but a Woman should hold the key. I do NOT believe that “self” chastity is effective. There is a huge psychological difference when a Woman has custody of the key. Also the concept of permanent chastity with only be let out for milking and on occasion denial sessions is especially arousing.

I look at chastity as another form of control. After all, you will be surrendering your cock, sexual activities and your orgasms to Me as a key holder. This type of control will not only deepen your submission but actually make you more docile and obedient. Often over looked is the bond of intimacy and dependence that chastity can create! But of course the most erotic is the power and control I will have over you! To Me chastity is not a fetish but a part of the Lifestyle. In fact I find the idea of permanent chastity particularly erotic. Furthermore, there won’t be any plastic devices used. I enjoy the permanence and look of steel!

Chastity Questionnaire

permanent chastity

Are you a candidate for chastity? This questionnaire is designed to gauge your capacity for chastity including how long you should be locked, why you should be locked up and what type of device should be used. Questions on masturbation habits, size, milking and other personal questions must ALL be answered!


Ultimate Chastity

permanent chastity

There are many chastity devices available and some have come and gone throughout the years. The recent ones are just not good enough for controlling you! But this one…the one I call the ultimate chastity device is quite different! Trust Me you will NOT be able to touch your cock at all. In fact, you will not even be allowed to have an erection! Locked on, chains will encircle you and be put placed between your legs. If I am feeling particularly cruel I may sodder it on!

Permanent Chastity A Lifetime of Frustration

permanent chastity

This is what you have been craving and needing. A strong Dominant Woman controlling your cock, controlling your orgasms. In this Mind Control recording, I bring you into trance and begin to plant ideas in your subconscious. You crave this permanent chastity. You want this chaste life. A permanent life of chastity. As a matter of fact, if you THINK about removing the chastity device there will be consequences! Deep in your subconscious I have implanted what will happen to you physically and mentally if you contemplate removing it! Oh, you will be aroused and excited but unable to release! Welcome to a lifetime of frustration!

~SHOCKING~ Chastity Special!

permanent chastity

Another in My Shocking series! Six videos and one audio recording that I WANT you to have! This contains close to an hour of Myself speaking about My need for control through chastity, orgasm control and denial! (Includes A Different Kind of Chastity, Chastity Surrendering Control, The Key to your Chastity, The Ultimate Chastity, Controlling your Cock and Balls, The Importance of Chastity, Permanent Chastity)