Another Extreme Humiliation Task

Humiliation task. Just that simple phrase from Me either in an email or phone conversation with Me should send a shiver down your spine! Just what will I ask you to do next? Will you be able to? I know that you WANT you! After all, I know you desire to please Me but….can you? Dare you?

I have tasks and assignments. Then I have those that I consider extreme. Keep in mind the more extreme the more pleased and amused I will be!

As promised, I have another extreme public humiliation task for you! While I am giving you instructions, be assured that I have had submissives perform these tasks in My presence

EXTREME Public Humiliation Task

humiliation task

Scurry off and download this task!

Once again Goddess wants to be amused! This task will do exactly that! This second extreme public humiliation task is perfectly timed as the holiday season is upon us and the department stores will have lots of Women shopping!  Again be warned! This task is embarrassing and extremely humiliating! This task is going to indulge both of us…My amusement and pleasure and your craving for humiliation! Of course, I want to hear ALL the details!

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