Breeding Program by Goddess Natasha

My interest in breeding and developing a breeding program was very apparent this week! My new releases and most popular releases centered on Femdom controlled breeding.

Also this past week My time was a bit sporadic due to the holiday but beginning today I will be back to My regular schedule. I am available for phone calls, custom audio recordings as well as customized emails and tasks.

As you may know on Sunday I usually send out My recap for the week but since yesterday was the Holiday I decided to wait until today.

This week My most popular video was Dressing for the Office which is quite appealing on a number of levels. There is a voyeuristic feel to it as it is filmed in My bedroom and also the details of fine lingerie as well as the pantyhose that I pull on and model.

My most popular audio file was Dirty Bitch to be Bred which continues to appear on the marque. However My compilation of Breeding files including those on My breeding program was also heavily downloaded and listened to! As you can probably tell I find the idea of breeding you VERY erotic and fantasize about many aspects to it!


Most Popular Video

Dressing for the Office 

breeding program

I dress for a day at the office. In a white lace push up bra and white lace trimmed panties, I slowly roll up and put on a pair of sheer pantyhose. I twist and turn (nice shots for pantyhose lovers) showing nice front and back views. Which shoes to wear? Which go best with My grey suit? pumps-I put on a white blouse buttoning it, then dress pants and put on My black leather pumps. Put on the jacket-lipstick on-grab My purse off the table and out the door!

Most Popular Audio

Dirty Bitch to be Bred 

breeding program

I have such plans for you! A complete transformation into a juicy thick curvy bitch with large boobs and a big ass. A thick ass that is just begging to be grabbed, taken and used. Wide hips that are perfect for breeding and built for rough submissive sex with a dominant bull. See I have banning any type of protection and you will ONLY have bareback sex from now on! THIS will ensure that you are properly bred like the dirty bitch you are! Every day a different man will be taking you as I watch, direct and film each breeding session. This will go on and you will be violated and taken over and over until you are bred!

Latest Release!

~NEW~ Goddess Natasha’s Captive Breeding Program 

breeding program

My program and concept of captive breeding would serve a number of purposes. One would be that males like you would now have a purpose and would ensure that you are completely emasculated. In other words you would be the breeding stock and part of the captive population that has only one purpose. To be bred over and over again.

Every male would be evaluated those such as yourself who because of penis size and the inability to please a Woman sexually would be classified as breeding stock. Those males who are deemed an acceptable penis size would be the breeders. Large cocks would become the norm as only the biggest and thickest would be used for breeders. Of course you would be under constant monitoring by Myself and other Women as we evaluate and modify your place in My captive breeding program. Detailed records will be kept and breeding stalls will be utilized.

Breeding Compilation 

breeding program

This idea of breeding you is so erotic to Me! These three files will be sure to fuel your fantasy of being bred!

BREEDING PARTY: This weekend’s plans have all been set! Unbeknownst to you this has been in the planning stages since your bitch training started! I know that you are so eager to serve Me as My bitch! I have decided that I am going to take your bitch training to a whole new level! You see, there was a reason I have been giving you large doses of female hormones! I have arranged a VERY special party for this weekend! A breeding party!

BITCH TO BE BRED: It gets you so aroused to hear Me call you a bitch! What else would I call you?? After all, you are nothing more than a bitch to provide sexual release to others and to be bred! Filled with a males seed over and over until you are properly bred! Featuring elements of Femdom and verbal humiliation

BITCH BREEDING PROGRAM ON THE SLAVE FARM: The Slave Farm is coming along so nicely. I have decided to implement a new program just for the bitches that Myself and other Dominant Women own. It is called the Bitch Breeding program and I have the protocol, interview and requirements ready. In fact it is all ready including the restraint stalls that will be used!