Breeding Party by Goddess Natasha

A particularly erotic fetish of Mine is the idea of breeding you! I had no idea so many others find this as arousing as I do! This morning I was thinking of how exciting it would be to arrange a Breeding Party! I am quite sure you will enjoy this new recording! 😉

Breeding Party


breeding party

This weekend’s plans have all been set! Unbeknownst to you this has been in the planning stages since your bitch training started! I know that you are so eager to serve Me as My bitch! I have decided that I am going to take your bitch training to a whole new level! You see, there was a reason I have been giving you large doses of female hormones! I have arranged a VERY special party for this weekend! A breeding party!

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If you find the idea of being bred as erotic as I do, you will enjoy these recordings!

Bitch to be Bred 

breeding party

It gets you so aroused to hear Me call you a bitch! What else would I call you?? After all, you are nothing more than a bitch to provide sexual release to others and to be bred! Filled with a males seed over and over until you are properly bred! Featuring elements of Femdom and verbal humiliation

Bitch Breeding Program on the slave Farm 

breeding party

The Slave Farm is coming along so nicely. I have decided to implement a new program just for the bitches that Myself and other Dominant Women own. It is called the Bitch Breeding program and I have the protocol, interview and requirements ready. In fact it is all ready including the restraint stalls that will be used!